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Hypernode Free Hosting Consultation

By Tugce Erol on Wednesday, 17 January, 2024

Hypernode Free Hosting Consultation

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At Hypernode we are committed to offer the managed hosting plan that suits you the best. Sometimes it’s hard to understand the needs of a platform of specific setup. Our team of experts is there to help you choose the best setup for your webshop.

Hypernode has been in this market for over 20 years and can truly call itself an e-commerce hosting specialist. Within the Hypernode team, we also have a wide variety of specialists. And these specialists dedicate themselves to ensuring that you, the customer, receive the very best advice.

Over the years, technology has seen plenty of development. This results in different hosting products, all of which have pros and cons. And of course, we are happy to take the time to work with you and your agency to determine which solution best suits your growth objectives.

How does it work?

1) Request for Consultation

Visit our Free Hosting Consultation page and fill in essential details about your business and hosting requirements. You will be asked to provide the following details so that we can provide the best & tailor made guidance:

  • If you are working for an agency or running your online store
  • Your contact information
  • Your company details


We will schedule a no-obligation meeting with you so that we can ask a number of questions that will help us better understand your business. Think of things like:

  • Average number of monthly visitors
  • Average number of monthly orders
  • Number of times per year you face high spikes

* These are important for us to know so we can advise you on how to scale up and down most efficiently.

Besides information on visit and order numbers, we would also like to hear more about your (long-term) plans. Think about things like:

  • Roadmap plans
  • What does your application landscape look like
  • What does your development process look like

2) Analysis

Our experts will discreetly assess your needs, leveraging their expertise in Magento hosting and create a quotation. Hypernode has been able to fully develop in recent years, shaped in part by the acquisition of Hipex.

This ensures that we can offer a wide range of managed hosting solutions on both cloud and dedicated server-based infrastructure.

And from there, we can also separate again by, for example, separating the database from the application. Or perhaps recommend a master/slave solution so that tools like Power BI can be linked to a separate database server, further sparing the production environment.

Because we really want to understand your business, we can concentrate on creating an annual plan for hosting instead of making a meaningless monthly price calculation for you. After all, with Hypernode you can scale up and down or the most efficient way.

3) Custom Solution

Following the assessment of our experts, you will receive a comprehensive plan specifically crafted to optimise your Magento store’s performance, security and challenges.

Of course, the next step can then be to actually start configuring and testing the setup. In this whole process too, Hypernode takes the lead to let you save as much waaaay time as possible.

Our onboarding team is always ready to get started with your setup and to see which optimisations can be easily addressed to further improve speed and security.

You can rest assured that not only do we help you set up and configure the setup, but we also actively monitor it because we want to offer you the best setup. This should also help keep your costs manageable but not hinder scalability.

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