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People, Planet, Profit

At Hypernode, we’ve been committed to corporate social responsibility for more than 20 years. This translates to supporting higher education with free Hypernodes, powering your web shop with renewable energy or rewarding employees who engage in charity programs.


Corporate social responsibility

Building a business based on the triple-p principle: driving profitable growth whilst having a positive impact on people within the ecological boundaries of our planet

an icon illustration showing our blue hypernode mascot caring for people around the globe
People & society

It’s no coincidence one of the most successful companies of our times unofficial motto was “don’t be evil”. In the end most businesses just want to do good in the world. At Hypernode we have at heart that making people’s lives, may it be our customers or employees, better is likely to make us far more successful.

This involves supporting higher education, open source projects and charities, with free hosting or domain names. Hypernode employees also receive extra (paid) leave if they use their holidays for charity work.

an icon illustration showing our blue hypernode mascot caring for people around the globe

Cloud computing servers create the magic of e-commerce. But every online visit, site search, or purchase sets several servers to work consuming very real energy resources.

Unfortunately these energy resources aren’t 100% renewable 100% of the time. And since the energy appetite of our industry is projected to become bigger and bigger so is our impact on the environment.

To offset the latter, our cloud providers and data centers across the globe having been putting real effort in decarbonizing their environmental impact by buying Renewable Energy Certificates (REC’s) or Guarantees of Origin (GO’s) and increasing their energy efficiency by the use of smart power management programs.

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an icon illustration showing our blue hypernode mascot caring for people around the globe
Sustainable growth

Although populair conventions may hold some hostility towards ‘for profit’ companies, arguing it’s a always a zero sum game. We believe that conducting business in a manner beneficial to societal as well as planetary interests lays the groundwork for sustainable growth in the 21st century.

Keeping a holistic approach whilst effecting profitable growth, enables us to keep supporting education and charity or invest in greener cloud solutions.

If you have any ideas on how we can better our CSR policy feel free to reach out

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How green are my web shop’s cloud provider and data centers?

Thanks to the non-profit initiative The Green Web Foundation, you can easily check if your web shop is being powered by renewable energy sources. Would you like to dive in the specifics on how they measure the greenness of your data center? Take a look here.

If you’re a Hypernode customer you’re using one of the cloud providers below:

Combell OpenStack

Combell OpenStack uses the datacenters of Interxion. Interxion is European market leader and powers all their European data centers on 100% renewable energy. They’re also part of The Green Grid, an IT collective whose mission is to increase energy-efficiency and ecodesign in datacenters around the globe.

Amazon Web Services

With more than 33% market share Amazon Web Services is the Goliath of the cloud computing market. Since 2004 AWS has been transitioning to 100% renewables for all their cloud solutions. Hypernode on AWS is deployed by default in Frankfurt at Equinix. This data center runs on 100% renewable energy.

Digital Ocean

Unfortunately DigitalOcean doesn’t have publicly available CRS policy, but we do know which data centers are used in the AMS region. If you choose Hypernode on Digital Ocean, by default you’re being deployed in Amsterdam at Equinix. This data center is powered by 100% renewable energy sources.

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