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As the founders of MageReport with 10+ years of Magento Hosting experience, Hypernode is especially developed to make your online store fast and secure.

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Managed Magento Cloud Hosting

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With our Managed Magento Web Hosting solution, you get access to the Cloud power of OpenStack and Amazon Web Services, or to one of our extremely powerfull dedicated servers. Take advantage of first-class cloud- and dedicated infrastructure and a software stack specifically preconfigured for Magento. And benefit from a legion of built-in CLI tools that make your life as Magento developer easier. Your shop will always be available, performant, scalable and secure.

Designed for speed

In today’s crowded e-commerce landscape, customers expect a smooth online shopping experience. Thanks to our Magento optimized software stack you'll ensure they do.

Security made easy

Intelligent bad bot blocking, integrated brute force protection, pro-active malware scanner and much more security features that keep a store safe and secure.

Peace of mind

Our fully managed platform is being actively monitored 24/7. We make problems go away before they're even there. Sit back and relax you're being taken care off.

A caring support team

We’re with you every step of your e-commerce journey. Together, we can help solve your toughest problems and grow your business.


We've simplified the essentials of managing your environments. A customized terminal that boosts productivity and improves your workflow and a comprehensive API. It's all there to make a developer's life easier.

Flexible contracts

At Hypernode we believe you should have the freedom to change your contract any time you want. Pay as you go, no set-up fees, 24//7 up and downgrading by yourself, no strings attached.

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"One simply cannot go wrong. If you run Magento, there is nothing to think about and no better option. Go for Hypernode."

Kamal Uppal

Founder of Magento shop, Dubai

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Magento Hosting FAQ

What does Managed Magento Hosting mean?

At Hypernode your node is completely managed; we take care of maintenance and security for you. There is a constant development of features and tools such as protection against brute force attacks, automatic protection against unwanted bots, various caching techniques, etc. These features all contribute to the performance and security of a Magento shop and are rolled out on our entire platform.

What Magento versions does Hypernode support?

Hypernode supports all available Magento versions.

Does Hypernode create backups for my Magento store?

Hypernode creates daily snapshots of your database and files. When things go slightly wrong, you can go back in time to restore the appropriate database table, files or directories from the backup. Snapshots are easy to use, take up less time and there’s no need to upgrade your Hypernode if you don’t have enough disk space.

Can Hypernode migrate my Magento shop for me?

For sure! We can help you migrate your shop(s) so you don’t have to worry about migration complexities and other technicalities. Moving to Hypernode is just as simple as popping bubbles in bubble wrap.

Does Hypernode provide any GUI tools for Magento?

Yes, even hardcore developers will occasionally use a GUI. This is why we offer a simple and convenient control panel to complete tasks in just one click. With our Control Panel you can do things such as managing multiple SSH users and keys, changing your PHP version and enabling Varnish.

Can I test Hypernode before making a commitment?

Absolutely. With our free non-binding trial you can test our platform and all its features for 14 days before making a decision. Your trial will expire automatically unless you choose to upgrade it to a paid hosting plan.

With all these hosting plans, how do I choose the right one?

If your shop generates a lot of traffic but is small in size, it’s better to choose a Hypernode plan that can handle said traffic easily. Bigger hosting plans like Hypernode Jackal, Falcon and Eagle also offer a lot more features, such as; historical back-ups, Varnish cache and PCI compliance (only with Excellence plans). Not sure what to order? Don’t worry about ordering the wrong plan. The contract term of Hypernode plans is only 30 days and you can up- or downgrade your plan any time you want. You only pay for what you use. Also feel free to contact us for advice via or +31 (0)20 521 6226.

What are Hypernode Development plans?

A development plan is an exact copy of our regular Hypernode plans, with identical specs, features and cloud providers. However, they are completely separate nodes allowing you to perform load tests, try out Varnish or test different PHP-versions, all without affecting your production site. The development plans come ready-to-go. You don’t have to worry about web stacks, optimizations, libraries or New Relic agents. In addition, it’s easy to share the acceptance environment with customers. This allows the shop-owner to get a better idea of the store’s performance on the production environment.

Does Hypernode offer SLAs?

In case of emergency outside office hours (from 8:00 AM – 6 PM CEST), you can access our Hypernode Emergency Support via The cost of this service depends on the SLA level: Basic or Standard. Want to know more about our SLA’s? Feel free to reach out on or +31 (0)20 521 6226.

Does Hypernode support the use of SSL certificates?

An SSL certificate keeps online interactions and transactions private and they help customers gain confidence to provide personal information on your website. We strongly recommend shop owners to use SSL certificates. This way, your shop will become securely accessible using HTTPS. Hypernode supports the use of Let’s Encrypt certificates or you can purchase an SSL certificate via Hypernode. We recommend the latter because you’ll benefit from our managed hosting services. Not only do we take care of the technical implementation of the certificate for you, we also renew and validate the certificate on time and provide customer support on SSL issues.

Can I upgrade my Hypernode plan when needed?

Certainly! You can automatically up- or downgrade your package. With just one press on the button, at any given time.

Need help with your Magento installation?

We are in close contact with more than 200 solution providers world wide who can help you start or optimize your Magento journey. Let us find the perfect match for you.”