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Strengthen Your Magento Webshop’s Security and Performance with MageReport

By suzannevanamerongen on Monday, 27 May, 2024

Strengthen Your Magento Webshop’s Security and Performance with MageReport

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The digital age has brought us unparalleled levels of convenience, and online shopping has become the norm.  Yet despite the having internet fully integrated into our everyday lives there are still growing pains when it comes to the performance of an online store, as well as the safety and security of both store owner and customer. Ennsuring the safety of customer data and maintaining the integrity of an online store’s operations are critical on both ethical grounds and for the sustainability of your business, but what do you do when keeping your data and your customers safe has become a never ending arms race? This is where Hypernode and Magereport come into play.


Hypernode and Magereport provide a robust suite of tools and services to safeguard and optimize your Magento webshop. This tackles your challenges in several ways and makes sure you and your customers are safe, and your website performant.


MageReport: ensuring security and performance.


The success of an e-commerce platform hinges not only on its products and user experience but also on its security measures. The impact on your business case is no joke, with over a third of consumers who would not do business with a company that has experienced a data breach. It’s not only about protecting your assets of course but also about safeguarding your customers’ sensitive information. A single security breach can cause substantial financial losses and irreparable damage to your brand’s reputation. It is therefore crucial to invest in robust security measures that can withstand the evolving threat landscape.


Assessing Risk with MageReport

MageReport, a free security service offered by Hypernode, is designed to help you quickly assess the security status of your Magento shop(s) and identify potential vulnerabilities. By scanning your shop for known vulnerabilities in Magento and popular third-party extensions, MageReport empowers you to take proactive steps to secure your online store. And for Hypernode customers, the benefits don’t end there.


Faster with MageReport Premium

With MageReport Premium, Hypernode customers gain access to additional features that provide insights into their shop’s performance and help optimize their Hypernode. This includes performance checks on elements such as long-running processes, var/log directory size, disk usage, bot traffic, response time, and memory usage. In addition, MageReport Premium offers performance charts that offer a comprehensive overview of your Hypernode’s performance, allowing you to identify and address any bottlenecks or inefficiencies.


Are There Ways I Can Check My Online Store’s Security Myself?

As much as we love it there is more to security than MageReport. Here are several actions you can take to benchmark or maintain the security of your online store.

  1. Regular Security Audits: Conduct regular security audits of your website to identify vulnerabilities. This could involve using automated tools like MageReport, manual checks, or hiring a professional security auditor.
  2. Keep Software Updated: Ensure that your website’s software, including Magento and third-party extensions, is regularly updated with the latest security patches. Outdated software can be vulnerable to attacks.
  3. Use HTTPS: Use HTTPS for your website to encrypt data transmitted between your website and your customers’ browsers. This helps protect sensitive information from being intercepted by attackers.
  4. Secure Passwords: Use strong, unique passwords for your website’s admin accounts and encourage your customers to do the same. Consider implementing two-factor authentication for added security.
  5. Firewall and Intrusion Detection Systems: Implement a firewall and intrusion detection systems to monitor and block suspicious traffic.
  6. Regular Backups: Regularly back up your website’s data so that you can quickly restore it in case of a security breach or data loss.
  7. Employee Training: Train your employees on security best practices, such as recognizing phishing attempts and avoiding clicking on suspicious links or downloading attachments from unknown sources.
  8. Security Plugins: Consider using security plugins or extensions that provide additional security features for your website.
  9. Third-party Security Services: Consider using third-party security services that specialize in website security and can provide additional layers of protection.


By implementing these security measures and regularly auditing your website’s security, you can help protect your online store and your customers’ data from cyber threats.



Hypernode: Excellence in Performance and Security


MageReport isn’t the only card we have to play when it comes to performance and security optimisation. We require that our services deliver a seamless shopping experience. Slow load times and unresponsive pages can drive customers away and negatively impact your bottom line. Enter Hypernode’s suite of performance-focused features.


Always Protected

Regular security patches keep your Hypernode up to date with the latest security fixes, while IP whitelisting and a weak password scanner help prevent unauthorized access. Hypernode’s 24/7 real-time monitoring ensures that your server and application are always being watched, allowing Hypernode to act immediately in the event of an issue. And with two-factor authentication, you can add an extra layer of protection to your credentials.

Proactive Security

Hypernode’s self-learning malware scanner runs daily on all Hypernodes, identifying and detecting malware before it can cause any harm. Brute-force protection ensures that your online store is shielded from unauthorized access attempts, while threat identification allows Hypernode to proactively search for and resolve threats before they become a problem. And with modern TLS encryption, Hypernode ensures that your customers’ data is always protected.


Increasing performance

In addition to its security features, Hypernode offers a range of performance optimization tools to ensure that your Magento webshop is running at its best. Automatic bot blocking allows you to easily block unwanted bots, while the Hypernode Firewall protects you from unwanted traffic. With Hypernode’s automatic up- and downgrades, you can scale your resources up or down depending on your needs, ensuring that you never overpay and keeping your costs under control.


Free Hosting Consult

In addition to MageReport and Hypernode’s security and performance features, another valuable service offered by Hypernode is the Free Hosting Consult. At Hypernode, the team is committed to offering hosting plans that best suit each customer’s specific needs. However, understanding the needs of a platform or a specific setup can sometimes be challenging. That’s where the Free Hosting Consult comes in.


The service is an invaluable resource for businesses seeking to optimise their Magento store’s performance, security, and challenges, and involves a straightforward three-step process:


  1. Request for Consultation: Visit the Free Hosting Consultation page on the Hypernode website and provide essential details about your business and hosting requirements. This may include information such as whether you are working for an agency or running your online store, your contact information, and your company details.


  1. Analysis: The team of experts at Hypernode will discreetly assess your needs, leveraging their expertise in Magento hosting, and create a quotation tailored to optimize your Magento store’s performance, security, and challenges.


  1. Custom Solution: Following the assessment, you will receive a comprehensive plan specifically crafted to optimize your Magento store’s performance, security, and challenges.

Speed and Security

Security and performance are two sides of the same coin when it comes to running a successful online store. With MageReport and Hypernode, you can ensure that your Magento webshop is secure and performing at its best. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large enterprise, MageReport and Hypernode offer a range of tools and services to help you protect your online store and deliver a seamless shopping experience to your customers.


Have any questions? Be sure to take advantage of The Free Hosting Consultation service!  Or reach out to our team of experts with any questions you might have. [LINK]


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