We’ve created the world’s first Mage-OS mirror!

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In September 2021 several well known companies and individuals from the Magento community announced that they were going to create a community organization driven Magento fork. With this fork, later referred to as distribution, they are looking to secure Magento’s long term viability for all the businesses depending on it. Last week the distribution called Mage-OS was launched, with their own public Composer repository. We’re very proud to announce that we’ve created the very first mirror of Mage-OS!

The underlying thought of Mage-OS

Over the last couple of years, the eCommerce landscape has changed. A bunch of SaaS, PaaS, and other off-premise solutions have made their entrance. Adobe has determined to do the same with Magento, since:

  1. Adobe Commerce is moving towards composable microservices hosted in the cloud, only suitable for the largest merchants.
  2. There has been talk about replacing the PHP platform with (Adobe) microservices.
  3. There is no public roadmap for Magento Open Source.

This resulted in a lot of unease and uncertainty in the Magento community. Mage-OS stated: “Ultimately, the entire Magento platform as we know it will be replaced.”

Introducing the Mage-OS distribution

Mage-OS is an upstream compatible, lightweight, composition of Magento Open Source packages. Currently these packages are exactly the same as the ones you would download from Magento’s Composer repository. It is compatible with all existing Magento 2 extensions and integrations. In the future there will be another Mage-OS Composer repository, which will feature a distribution of Magento Open Source including community changes and packages that haven’t been merged or haven’t made it into the upstream Magento repository.

What differentiates Mage-OS from Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce?

  • It is more accessible to developers
  • It allows faster integration of community contributed PRs
  • It allows a simple migration to Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce

If you’re looking for more information about the value proposition of Mage-OS regarding Merchants, Agencies, Technology partners, Developers and Adobe, please check out their introduction article.

Hypernode contributes to the Magento community

At Hypernode, we always try to play our part within the Magento community. Over the past 20+ years we’ve always supported community initiatives. We strongly believe that by staying relevant in the community, we can provide our customers with the best possible e-commerce hosting. Now and in the future.

In 2016 we also launched our own community tool called MageReport. This free service gives a quick insight into the security status of Magento shop(s) and tells its users how to fix possible vulnerabilities.

As we believe in Mage-OS’s story and think this can be truly relevant for our customers as well, we want to contribute to their distribution. That’s why we’ve been working with them and created a Hypernode Mage OS mirror for our customers. We’ll also be using this mirror for our Magento 2 preinstalls.

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