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Success Behind the World of Savings

By Tugce Erol on Monday, 29 January, 2024

Success Behind the World of Savings

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Every day, 24 hours, many surprising offers for super low prices, sounds incredibly good, doesn’t it? If you’re intrigued, keep reading to get to know DealDonkey better, because this is what they have been committed to delivering since 2011!

What is DealDonkey?

In the competitive realm of e-commerce, where the pricing is a key advantage, finding the best deals can be overwhelming. Established in 2011, DealDonkey has been on a mission to provide surprisingly affordable deals to make customers happy. Among a wide range of portfolio including categories from electronics to fashion accessories, they provide the customers with high quality products at affordable prices. With more than 1200 products listed, they do not only aim for meeting the personal needs of the end customers but also provide a variety of gifting options. They purchase both regular and end-of-life (discontinued) products, as well as having products manufactured in the Far East. At DealDonkey, the packages are dispatched every evening until 9 p.m. in their own warehouse.

Key to Success in an Online Store

Behind the success of DealDonkey, stands a powerful team of 12 people. While this great team strives for the maximum customer satisfaction, the unseen hero in their operation, the website maintenance is a crucial factor in their success. It goes without saying that the speed of such an online store is paramount in the fast paced world of e-commerce. The high traffic that the website generates each day, makes it indispensable to have a high performance. Web hosting is one of the most essential parts on which websites’ performance is based.

Why Hypernode for Web Hosting?

Web hosting is crucial for an online store for many different reasons such as ensuring a high performance, security, scalability, and surely providing the best customer experience possible.

In order to secure these important factors, DealDonkey chose Hypernode for their Magento store. They explain the service they receive from Hypernode as follows:

 “They always think along, respond promptly, and know what they’re talking about.”

How Does Hypernode Respond Promptly?

At Hypernode, customer needs are at the core of our business. We strongly believe that providing a premium support is one of the key elements while doing so. Clients of Hypernode, have three primary channels to reach out to Hypernode’s support:

  • Email
  • The contact form
  • Telephone

All the technical issues, accompanied by error messages and logs, can be informed through email. If any urgent matter arises, our support team can be communicated via phone as well. The combination of email and follow-up calls ensures comprehensive support coverage, whether an emergency or a technical puzzle that our customers can’t solve.

Whether you manage your online store like DealDonkey or work for an agency taking care of all website related needs of your e-commerce clients, the expert team of Hypernode is ready to assist you. We offer a free hosting consultation, guiding you to the best tailor made solution for your needs and expectations. For more information request a Free Hosting Consultation or contact one of our colleagues directly.

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