HubSpot: starting with Marketing Automation

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Communicating with our customers is an essential part of our work. We write blog articles and knowledge base articles to tell you about new technology developments or to share our enthusiasm about ecommerce discoveries or products with you. But we also know that sharing this content with you could be much easier, faster and more streamlined. Besides this, every customer is different. This means a new product, an article or a promotion is much more interesting for some customers than others. To improve this, we looked for ways to automate the communication process using a marketing automation tool.

Automation has always been a very important driver in the success of Hypernode. By automating our (development) processes we have been able to develop ourselves and play an important role in the growth of our customers. Security and privacy are also very important to us and we know what a challenge it can be to automate communication without making concessions in securing your data. Therefore, choosing a new marketing automation tool to improve our customer communication went hand in hand with a careful analysis of the data processing and privacy of these tools. In this article we explain to you why we ultimately chose HubSpot as our marketing automation tool and what this entails for you.

You can also (partly) automate marketing

Successful marketing automation means engaging customers on a more individual level. It also means more flexibility in the event of a change in preferences or interests. Customers expect useful information at the right time and place with less irrelevant content.

Privacy as the most important guideline

Our search for a marketing automation tool did not happen overnight. In particular, the questions ‘what happens to the data?’ and ‘how do we ensure that the privacy of our customers is not compromised?’ were leading in our final choice. Our security team was involved from the start. Ultimately, a list was compiled of more than 50 requirements that a marketing automation tool had to meet. We looked at, among other things, GDPR compliance, which data is used and where, how much minimal data is required to be able to use the tool and which data can be anonymized.

What does this mean for me?

Our final choice: HubSpot. HubSpot amply meets the requirements set by our security team, fully complies with the GDPR and cannot and may not do anything with the data that Hypernode enters. Today (Monday the 21st of November 2022), we will be rolling out HubSpot as our new marketing automation tool. As a customer of Hypernode, this means that we will serve you better on an individual level. And more importantly, this doesn’t mean we’re changing everything on our blog, or that we’re going to flood your inbox with emails. We provide you with personalized information about your products, promotions and offers that are relevant to you, or new products that we think you may be interested in.

Of course we leave the decision to you. If you do not want to receive these emails, you can opt-out via your Control Panel. While we would like to keep you informed, we naturally respect your choice not to be included in our HubSpot Mailinglists.

We are convinced of our choice for Hubspot. We can’t wait to start living a more personal communication experience with you and we’re confident you’ll start to see the benefits in the coming months.

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