How a US digital agency opted for Hypernode hosting services: The story of Travers+Todd

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What do you do when a merchant comes to your agency after getting their Magento 1 site hacked and their developer is nowhere to be found? This is the challenge Travers+Todd, an agency from the United States, faced a couple of months ago. In this blogpost Michael Travers Lee, co-founder of Travers+Todd, shares his story on resolving this security issue, the role of Hypernode’s MageReport and how Hypernode ended up as their preferred Magento hoster.

How Travers+Todd discovered

Travers+Todd started the process to identify the culprit. Once Michael’s team had neutralized the security breach, they wanted to run a security scan to make sure the Magento 1 shop was not vulnerable to any other security threats. Our tool, MageReport, popped up in the Google results as a mechanism to test.

In 2015 we created MageReport to give our clients quick insights in the security status of Magento shops and in addition, the tool also tells them how to fix possible vulnerabilities. But when that turned out to be a huge help to our clients we thought: why not make this service public to help out the Magento community worldwide? So we did. Up until this day, MageReport protects the performance and security of several thousand Magento shops.

Travers+Todd: No other Magento hosting partner than Hypernode in the foreseeable future

From there Travers+Todd looked into Hypernode. After reading reviews, hearing that the previously hacked merchant had already heard good things about us, they decided to test our platform out. And with success!

Michael: “I can’t honestly tell you how many hosting companies we’ve considered and/or used. So, so many. For WordPress sites, we have some favorites. For bespoke web applications where we want more “bare-metal” hosting, we also have some favorites. But for Magento, I don’t think we’ll be looking outside of Hypernode for the foreseeable future.”

Michael continues: “You all have a reputation that’s permeated not just our client but also our client’s other contacts. Security and performance are giant concerns these days, with security being of course a huge concern with eCommerce. Hypernode is fast, plain and simple. But your platform also takes care of security in a way that relieves anxiety for both clients and the developers behind. In fact, the above notes were compelling enough for us forego the convenience of an American company in a closer timezone. I’m not sure I can identify anything related to you all being Dutch. We value capable services and competent service people regardless of what nationality they may have.”

About Travers+Todd

Travers+Todd is a US digital services agency that builds web properties. Those properties may include a website, a simple landing page, broad campaigns with multiple touchpoints, or complex web applications requiring high security.

Michael: “What defines us at the core is that we work with people first, applications second. Sure, we like to stay cutting edge with respect to design trends and UX principles, and we like to build fast/secure applications, but ultimately design or development processes can have delays, bugs, scope changes, etc, and so working with the people behind the project is always our most important task. The kind of collaborative work we do on both the design and development front brings value to the customer relationship because clients see us as an extension of their team instead of merely “hired guns”, so to speak. Our transparency and compromise has always worked well for us.”

About Hypernode and security

As the founders of MageReport, Hypernode highly values security. On our hosting platform we protect our customers against security vulnerabilities and vital security updates are installed within 4 hours. Besides these features, our platform also has intelligent bad bot blocking, integrated brute force protection, pro-active malware scanner and many more security features that keep your store safe and secure. Take a peek at our web site to find out what Hypernode can bring to your eCommerce store:

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