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We are delighted to see more and more international customers find their way to our Hypernode platform. Ever since the beginning of our international journey, Droppin Development has showed great confidence in the capabilities of the Hypernode platform. Droppin Development is an e-commerce agency based in Denmark and has years of experience in Magento web development and ERP integrations. In this blogpost Morten Munkholm, CTO, shares his story of selecting a hosting partner and his opinion about the Hypernode platform.

Let’s start with a company introduction. What defines Droppin Development?

Morten: “Droppin Development is a company fully focused on delivering a platform to our customers that can leverage their business to business (B2B) needs. Our technicians are fully pledged to Magento 2 and have a lot of knowledge about integrations with Dynamics NAV and 365. We are helpful, honest and what we cherish the most is our clients success.”

What made you consider changing to another hosting partner?

Morten: “We had a partner that had issues with response time. Also their servers were not equipped with any helpful developer tools, but simply just virtual machines with some Magento optimization.”

We, at Hypernode, try to do things differently. By offering many tools, we have successfully saved Magento developers heaps of time in their daily work. They work much more efficiently and get more work done, which leads to genuine customer satisfaction. Besides saving development time, an important but sometimes overlooked aspect of web hosting, is support.

What made you start testing with Hypernode?

Morten: “Almost a year ago, Hypernode started offering their services to international customers. I remember I was told, that we could sign up for at closed program to become a reseller at that moment. I was thrilled to see what we could be offered. My first impression was finally finding a hosting solution that was fully focused on Magento and packed with cool features.”

Important side note: Hypernode is now accessible to everyone. You can start exploring our revolutionary platform with all its unique features for free. Sign up for a 14-day free Magento hosting trial!

What was your first impression of Hypernode?

Morten: “We were looking for a new reliable, easy to use and professional Magento hosting partner. The first impressions of the Hypernode platform were extremely positive. The large amount of pre-installed development tools and Magento optimization tools were perfect for our needs. All the vital tools for a smooth running Magento shop were right at our fingertips. Being able to enable varnish with one click and setup SSH accounts across our servers were a few of the things we were most impressed with.”

“The developers and the sales team of Hypernode helped us to setup our first servers. The Hypernode onboarding process was smooth. They had answers to our questions immediately and we felt part of the Hypernode family almost instantly.”

“Things why we are particularly happy with Hypernode:”

  • The response time of support
  • Close to no downtime when switching plan
  • Cloud-based
  • An abundance of developer tools
  • Easy to set up
  • Advanced external tools (RabbitMQ, Varnish, Redis, ElasticSearch)
  • Fast deployment on new servers
  • Service Panel Management

Why did you officially choose Hypernode as your preferred Magento hosting platform/partner after the trial period? What is it about the platform that makes you and your developers happy and satisfied?

Morten: “We chose to stay with Hypernode after the trial because we had already set up three new servers within a week. The process of starting a new project is so easy and fast, that we never looked back. When we set up a new server, it is live within minutes. The tools for developers, such as Redis, RabbitMQ, Let’s Encrypt, SSH are pre-installed and ready to use. The process of setting up hosting for a new customer is as easy as creating a new GitHub repository.”

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