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Hypernode never stands still. We are always hard at work figuring out exactly how and where we are doing well or could be doing better. As part of this process we sent out an online survey, starting 3 June 2021, to gain a better understanding of our customers’ satisfaction levels and their pain points. This followed a similar survey in October 2020 covering a comparable group. What we set out to do is to gain additional insight on how satisfied our customers are, and how this may have changed in the 6 months after the initial survey.

About the customer survey

46 customers completed the survey over a two week period. Eight questions were asked covering 5 topics; the Customer satisfaction score (CSAT), possible improvements, uniqueness and satisfaction rating, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and general feedback.

Excellent stability and customer support

The resulting data we gained from respondents showed that customers tended to give a high customer satisfaction score of 94%, a large increase from the 74% seen six months prior. Stability and excellent customer support were the two main drivers for this increase. The results truly validate all the hard work we do for our clients to ensure they have the support and stability they need to thrive!

The results show a high customer satisfaction score of 94%

According to the data there are also areas where we can improve, specifically technical improvements, pricing and billing, keeping our documentation up to date, and service. This is something we will be actively taking into account moving forwards.

Going above and beyond the bare necessities is also important to us, and for this reason participants were also asked what makes Hypernode unique. Based on the data three points rise to the surface; our reputation as Magento specialists, our fast and friendly customer service, and our speedy, reliable servers.

A great improvement of customer satisfaction

The June 2021 survey has shown us that customer satisfaction has improved significantly over the last 6 months. We have done especially well in our technique, and support. Ideally for the next survey a larger sample size and therefore a lower margin of error is needed however. This means we would gain more granular insights into our customer base. Still, across the bar the trend has been very positive, and the results are clear to see in our higher net promoter score (NPS) of +76. Many passives became promoters with 47% promoters moving to 78%!

Many passives became promoters resulting in a net promoter score (NPS) of +76

The conclusion that can be drawn from the latest survey is that our hard work is paying off. Hypernode customers overall seem really satisfied with the services we provide and are more vocal and enthusiastic in letting the world know!

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