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Hypernode has been developed in close consultation with Magento developers, with the specific aim of ensuring Magento web shops perform to their optimum while making their development several times easier. Hypernode is suited for Magento 1 and Magento 2 web shops.

Our hosting platform for Magento offers the very latest in performance, security and development technologies and tools. New features are released weekly. We believe in creating tools like that check your Magento web shop for recognized vulnerabilities. Save precious development time and let Hypernode provide your Magento shop with improved performance, security and stability.

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Control panel you'll love to use

Change settings with just one click

Save time with an easy to use GUI

Even the hardcore developers will occasionally use a GUI. This why we offer a simple and convenient control panel to complete tasks in just one click.

  • Managing multiple SSH users and keys

    Create SSH users and keys with the ease of a click.

  • Easy backup management

    Create an instant backup or restore the latest backup with just one click

  • PHP management

    Easily manage the PHP version and settings on your Hypernode.

  • Built-in caching for optimal performance

    1-click Varnish cache enablement.

Support by Magento experts

You are never alone! A team of devoted tech experts is ready to help you out.

Omni-channel support

With over 19 years of experience in hosting, underpinned by 9 years in Magento hosting!

Rapid support

Both in response and resolution times. You can count on us.

Extensive support docs

Find answers to all your questions in seconds in our extensive documentation.

Premium support with SLA

Including multiple daily and instant backups, uptime guarantees, emergency support and more.

Deploy worldwide

Select the data center closest to your own market for optimal performance

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Bangalore, India
Beijing, China
Brussels, Belgium
Dublin, Ireland
Frankfurt, Germany
London, UK
Mumbai, India
New York, USA
N.Virginia, USA
Ningxia, China
Paris, France
San Francisco, USA
Säo Paulo, Brazil
Stockholm, Sweden
Sydney, Australia
Toronto, Canada
Tokyo, Japan
Ohio, USA
Oregon, USA
Osaka, Japan

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This is why we have fans everywhere

"One simply cannot go wrong. If you run Magento, there is nothing to think about and no better option. Go for Hypernode."

Kamal Uppal


"Hypernode is a stable and trustworthy cloud hosting platform."

Peter Jaap Blaakmeer

Founder & CTO

"The fact that you pay Hypernode on a daily basis is a huge advantage."

Piet Santy

Project manager

"Hypernode is very well thought out and the support team is friendly and very capable."

Tjitte Folkertsma

Co-founder & COO

Hypernode roadmap

Hypernode constantly evolves. What would you appreciate as a future additional feature?

Features we just launched
Currently on the roadmap

Providing insights by showing logs on changes made on a Hypernode, on personal settings or team settings in the Control Panel or through CLI.

User Management: Permissions

We are going to add the possibility to give different permissions to members of your team.

Debian upgrade

We are going to upgrade the operating system of the Hypernode platform from Ubuntu Xenial to Debian Buster. This version brings a lot of security updates and also gives us the possibility to roll out new features faster.

PHP 7.4

Benefit from the newest PHP version, which will have numerous improvements and new features.

Missing features?

We always appreciate your feedback! Request your features via uservoice.

Request a feature

Moving to Hypernode is super easy

On Hypernode we've made it amazingly simple to import all your data and your shop.

Importer tool
Managed migrations

Hassle-free with our migration tool

Our fully automated migration tool makes migrating your web shop to Hypernode as simple as popping bubbles in bubble wrap.

Let's start with a benchmark

Part of our managed migration is a free benchmark of your Magento webshop so we can easily find and remove any performance issues.

Some rigorous load impact testing

We'll load test your webshop based on different test scenarios and simulated traffic configurations.

Magento optimizations

Now it's time for some Magento webshop optimizations. Sit back, relax and watch us put smart to work.

Final check and going live

It's time for our final checklist. When done we're ready to go live.

14-days after care

After going live we'll monitor your shop to ensure you get the performance you need to meet user demand.

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