Hypernode Certified Partner Agencies

The best Magento agencies from the Benelux

Over 65% of the Dutch Magento agencies are currently working with Hypernode. Our custom-made platform helps Magento agencies to develop, manage and maintain high quality standards for Magento shops.

We collaborate closely with our partners, check hundreds of shops every day and maintain a proactive role in the Magento community. Moreover, we speak to happy or slightly less happy webshop owners on a daily basis.

This provides us with experience and a thorough understanding of what a good Magento shop should look like and what the best practices are to build and manage a good Magento shop.

We want to use these learnings by contributing to the quality of the whole Magento development community. Our Hypernode certification ensures recognition of cutting-edge Magento agencies that stand out in the crowd, and we can help agencies on their way to certification by sharing our knowledge and experience.