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  • Magento-specific performance optimizations
  • Security measures to keep you safe and secure
  • Developer-friendly tools & automations
  • Comprehensive monitoring and support

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Hypernode Technology

#1 Magento hosting platform in The Netherlands.

Hypernode has been developed in close consultation with Magento developers, with the specific aim of ensuring Magento web shops perform to their optimum while making their development several times easier.

The platform offers the very latest in performance, security and development technologies and tools. New features are released weekly. We believe in creating tools like that check your Magento shop for recognized vulnerabilities. Save precious development time and let Hypernode provide your Magento shop with improved performance, security and stability.

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Astonishingly fast performance

The average increase in speed for web shops migrating to Hypernode is 167%

SSD based hosting

We use SSD-based hardware to ensure maximum speed.

Built-in advanced caches

With Varnish, Redis and FPC your shop will be irresistible.

PHP 7.2 ready

Benefit from the additional performance we offer with PHP 7.2

HTTP/2 support

Reduce load times and enjoy extra security with fast SSL.

Optimized stack

We use the latest technologies such as NGINX, and MySQL for improved loading times.

CDN compatible

A CDN can deliver superior performance to your Magento shop.

  • Redis & Varnish Cache support
  • Pre-configured PHP FPM
  • Snappy
  • Sphinx support
  • Pro-active resource notification
  • Cloud elastic search
  • Optimised cloud node booting
  • Dedicated environment
  • 24/7 error reporting
  • 24/7 server insights
  • Global availability
  • Cloud agnostic and multi cloud platform
  • Automatic image optimizer
  • Magento optimised NGINX
  • Near zero downtime migration
  • Brotli compression

Security taken serious

Vital security updates are installed within 4 hours!

Magento malware scanner

This self-learning scanner runs daily on all Hypernodes to identify and detect malware.

Auto-healing Servers

Loss and downtime for your business is minimized by our auto-healing servers.

Brute-force protection

Hypernode is equipped with a system that blocks brute-force attacks and threats.

Automated back-ups

We automate daily back-ups for every Hypernode.

Proactive threat identification

We proactively search for threats and resolve these before you realize they even existed.

Regular security patching

We understand the magnitude of security, that's why we regularly patch all our Hypernodes (OS & firmware).

Modern TLS encryption

Industry standard built-in TLS (SSL) encryption.

Two-factor authentication

You can install an additional layer of security to your Hypernode account with our 2FA.

  • IP whitelisting
  • MageReport
  • Extension update checker
  • Critical security fixes within 4 hours
  • NeoPI
  • 24/7 real-time monitoring
  • Free SSL via Let's Encrypt
  • FTP/MySQL whitelisting
  • PCI-compliancy service
  • Weak password checker
  • Storefront health check
  • Bot blocking

User-friendly, yet developer-friendly

Hypernode is designed with the user in mind and packed with features to assist developers

PWA compatible

You’re free to configure the NGINX settings and run a PWA on Hypernode.

Automated everything

We’ve automated all the dull repetitive work, such as image optimizing, running security scans and validating the NGINX configuration.

OTAP solutions

We’ve made OTAP easy with duplicate development nodes and Docker Images for local testing.

Caching options

Every Hypernode offers high-end cache options: Redis, Varnish 4 and FPC.

Magento development tools

N98 MageRun, composer, Modman, zsh, fdupes, geoip, jpegotim, git-flow and plenty more.

Analyzing tools

We provide tools to help you analyze your shop such as Blackfire and New Relic.

  • SSH & SFTP access
  • Mail SPF records
  • www-izer service
  • Node.js
  • Real-time Access/Error Logs & Analysis
  • Live Network Status
  • Live FPM
  • Active DB Analysis
  • Dedicated IP
  • Automated back-ups
  • Seamless Vertical Scaling
  • Pro-active resource notification
  • Guaranteed mail delivery (SPF etc.)
Hypernode Botje

Control panel you'll love to use

One click changes settings and processes

Save time with an easy to use GUI

Even the hardcore developers will occasionally use a GUI. This is why we offer a simple and convenient control panel to complete tasks in just one click.

  • Creating SSH users and keys
  • Domain and SSL management
  • Security management with bots, IP whitelisting.
  • Caching management
  • PHP management
  • Performance monitoring
  • Agency-friendly: all stores under one account
  • More features to be announced

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Support by Magento experts

You are never alone! A team of devoted tech experts is ready to help you out.

Tech support engineers

Over 18 years of experience in hosting, underpinned by 9 years in Magento hosting!

Rapid support

Both in response and resolution times.

Extensive support docs

Find answers to your questions in seconds in our extensive documentation. Appropriate, easy to read and use manuals.

Premium support with SLA

Backup recoveries, performance & security reports and more.

Hypernode roadmap

Hypernode constantly evolves. What would you appreciate as a future additional feature?

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Missing features?

We always appreciate your feedback! Request your features via uservoice.

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Deploy worldwide

Select the data center closest to your own market for optimal performance

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Piet Santy

"The fact that you pay Hypernode on a daily basis is a huge advantage."

Piet Santy

Moving to Hypernode is super easy

On Hypernode we've made it amazingly simple to import all your data and your shop.

Hassle-free with our migration tool

Our fully automated migration tool makes migrating your web shop to Hypernode as simple as popping bubbles in bubble wrap.

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Managed migrations with Hyperformance

Our Magento experts can migrate your web shop and optimize it for Hypernode.

  • Migration and optimization
  • Performance evaluation
  • 14-days after care
  • Load testing
  • Magento specific performance and security optimizations

More about managed migrations

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