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We’ll help you migrate your shop(s) so you don’t have to worry about migration complexities and other technicalities. Moving to Hypernode is just as simple as popping bubbles in bubble wrap.

Basic Migration

We migrate your shop(s) to our Hypernode platform

  • We migrate your shop

  • We set the right NGINX configuration

  • We assist when going live with your shop


We migrate and optimize your shop(s) to our Hypernode platform

  • We migrate your shop

  • We evaluate your shop’s performance

  • We optimize server side settings

  • We check your shop for malware

  • We stay in direct contact for 14 days post-go-live support

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If you have the required technical skills and want full control over the migration, you can use our Hypernode importer to import your Magento or Shopware shop. Please keep in mind that this tool doesn’t include any optimizations, such as caching or blocked unwanted traffic, you might have implemented on your current hosting environment.

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