Dedicated Hosting

Experience the raw power of Hypernode managed dedicated hosting. Our enterprise graded dedicated servers provide the fundament for an optimal performance, are ready at your disposal and are fully managed by our hosting specialists.

What is dedicated server?

A dedicated server offers you full access to all it’s physical resources. In this way you get access to all the server’s computing power and working memory. This is in contrast to, for example, a VPS where you only have a part of the resources of a server at your disposal. In short, you have full capacity and you decide which software is installed.

How do I know which Dedicated server is most suitable?

This depends on the type of webshop you have. The more visitors, the more resources you need, the heavier the dedicated server that is required. Your needs may not be covered by our standard hosting plans. This is not a problem for us, as we will prepare a custom dedicated server for you once we have mapped out all your needs.

How fast can Hypernode deliver a Dedicated server?

Dedicated Servers are generally delivered within an hour. The delivery time depends on the type of dedicated server you want to purchase. For a specific delivery time of one of our products, we advise you to contact our specialists. Call or e-mail us, we are ready for you!

Advantages of Managed Dedicated Hosting

Fast SSD Drive

The SSD drive that Hypernode uses works much faster and more energy-efficient than a traditional hard drive.

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Powerful Intel Processors

Our servers contain powerful Intel Processors. As the most important part of the servers, ours work very fast.

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Lightning Fast Performance

Powerful bare metal servers on the Hypernode platform deliver unique performance.

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Periodic Hardware Checks

All our hardware is regularly checked for security, updates, etc.

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ISO Certified Data Center

With this certificate we give all our customers the certainty that privacy-sensitive data is processed according to certified standards and frameworks.

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Easy up- and downgrading

Via the Control Panel you can easily upgrade and downgrade 24/7, where you only pay for what you use.

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E-commerce Hosting

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The hosting performance of your webshop is highly dependent on the hardware behind it. At Hypernode we don’t compromise on quality which is why we can provide powerful dedicated servers.

The hosting performance of your webshop is highly dependent on the hardware behind it. At Hypernode we don’t compromise on quality which is why we can provide powerful dedicated servers.

  • Our dedicated servers are flexible and we make sure that there is always room for growth.

  • The Hypernode platform and our bare metal servers will ensure performance gains.

  • We automated repetitive tasks to save lots of development time.

  • You don’t have to worry about software updates and server configurations.

  • We proactively think along about improving the performance and security of your webshop.

Focus on growing your webshop with Hypernode managed hosting

No worries about backups, software updates, server configuration, monitoring at hosting & application level, deploying, performance issues or development issues. Our managed hosting means maximum accessibility and always ready to help you.

Dedicated Hosting

  • Advanced monitoring for total peace of mind

  • Your server is booted within one hour

  • Full control over your server environment

  • 24/7/365 support

Managed Dedicated Hosting for a total peace of mind

Advanced monitoring

Our servers and your webshop are monitored 24/7 by our advanced monitoring. When our monitoring detects something strange, we immediately receive a notification, which is responded to very quickly by our support team. You can also view the performance of your webshop and server(s) in detail via the Hypernode Control Panel.

Security taken serious

Many security measures are taken to keep unwanted visitors and hackers away from your shop. We provide many security features such as Brute-force protection, automated back-ups, bot blocking, SSL via Let's Encrypt, FTP/MySQL whitelisting and much more.

Optimal performance

Our dedicated servers are equipped with enterprise hardware and usually have considerably more resources than other hosting companies. We think it is very important that your webshop runs quickly and stable, and we therefore ensure that your webshop performs optimally on our dedicated servers.

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"Hypernode has managed to amaze the ANWB e-commerce team in a short period of time with an improved performance, which is reflected in our conversion rate."

Jayton van den Berg

Chain director E-commerce | ANWB

"The substantive Magento knowledge of Hypernode and their willingness to exceed expectations made us a very happy customer"

Kail Tanriverdic

Ecommerce Manager | Kees Smit

"Hypernode is a proactive hosting company with a lot of knowledge about e-commerce. At Vingino, we reap the rewards!"

Krista Dirksen

Digital marketing manager | Vingino

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Different types of hosting

What do you prefer?


With Managed Cloud Hosting, you rely on Hypernode's scalable, flexible and secure infrastructure.


With Managed Cloud Hosting, you rely on Hypernode's scalable, flexible and secure infrastructure.
  • Lightning fast up- and downgrades

  • Boot your Hypernode anywhere in the world

  • You always have the fastest server at your disposal

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With dedicated hosting you have all server resources at your disposal, which ensures the most optimal performance.


With dedicated hosting you have all server resources at your disposal, which ensures the most optimal performance.
  • Powerful bare metal servers

  • Full control over your server environment

  • Optimal server configuration

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Questions we often get about Dedicated servers

Why do you need a Dedicated server?

A dedicated server is ideal if you want to have full control over your server environment. You have all the physical resources of the server at your disposal and you can install your own software on it. Small websites will be less likely to need this, but large web shops benefit from a dedicated server because you have more computing power, more flexibility and do not share resources with third parties.

Which content management systems do you support on a Dedicated server?

On a Hypernode dedicated server we support the following content management systems out of the box:
WordPress (and WooCommerce)
Is your CMS not listed? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Do you also offer SLAs?

In addition to the regular support assistance on working days during office hours (08h00 to 18h00), Hypernode also offers support outside office hours. You can obtain additional guarantees on this by purchasing an extensive SLA. The differences are mainly found in the response and resolution times. If you’d like more information about a Hypernode SLA, please contact us and we’ll explain the differences to you in detail.

How does the 14-day free trial work?

At Hypernode we’d like to let you experience what you can expect from our hosting solutions yourself. We do this by making a copy of your current webshop, without obligation, and set it up the way you want it to. We then perform an extensive performance analysis on it and compare it with your current hosting solution. We’re convinced that the performance gained, will convince you to switch to Hypernode.

Is Hypernode managed or unmanaged hosting?

All Hypernode hosting services are managed. We’d like to completely take away your cares as far as hosting concerned. You no longer have to worry about platform updates, optimisations, support and optimal performance, because we take care of all these tasks for you. If you have any further wishes of which you’re not sure whether we can help you, please let us know and we’ll try to find a suitable solution together.

Does Hypernode also offer SSL certificates?

SSL certificates are required to create an encrypted connection over the internet. Google considers this so important that your website will be classified as an “unsafe website” if you haven’t configured an SSL certificate. Not only does this damage one’s reputation in terms of visitor confidence, but it also makes people less likely to trust shopping with you and this may cause them not to order anything. In short, it’s super important to have an active SSL certificate.
At Hypernode we offer managed and unmanaged SSL certificates. With managed SSL certificates Hypernode arranges the purchase, validation, security updates and configuration of the certificate. Your data is always safe and you’ll never have to worry about SSL ever again. For unmanaged SSL certificates we use Letsencrypt. It’s open-source SSL software, fully automated and, above all, integrated into the Hypernode platform.

What is the difference between Shared and Dedicated Hosting?

The difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting is mainly in sharing a server (shared) or having the server completely to yourself (dedicated). On a shared server you share the available resources with multiple customers compared to a dedicated server, where you have all the resources available yourself. In addition, you have more freedom with regard to the settings on a dedicated server. As a result, a higher performance can often be achieved, because the settings are fully tailored to your webshop. Which is also the reason why dedicated hosting is more expensive.