Cloud Hosting

Rely on Hypernode’s scalable, flexible and secure cloud infrastructure and take full advantage of the ability to boot a Hypernode anywhere in the world.

What Is a Cloud server?

Cloud servers are servers that are created by dividing physical servers into several virtual servers (cloud servers). Cloud computing allows the user to manage their machine through an interface (the same as when using dedicated servers). The cloud server providers that offer the cloud servers, are responsible for maintaining the physical infrastructure. This allows us, at Hypernode, to fully invest our time in the cloud hosting of your webshop. The Hypernode software layer, on top of the cloud server, is completely focused on making your shop as fast, secure and manageable as possible.

Which Provider Should I Choose?

At Hypernode, we offer three different providers for your cloud hosting: Combell OpenStack, DigitalOcean and Amazon Web Services. The more visitors, the more resources you need. For each webshop, these requirements are different. In order to choose the right provider it is therefore important to know what your webshop requires, as each provider offers different resources. Still not sure which provider to choose? Do not hesitate to contact one of our experts!

How Fast Can Hypernode Deliver a Cloud Server?

The moment you order your cloud server, it will be ready for you within a minute. After the order, we can boot a new node within ten minutes. That doesn’t sound wrong, does it? 😉 Within 10 minutes your cloud hosting at Hypernode is up and running!

Advantages of Cloud Hosting


On our cloud platform we offer you 4 incremental snapshots per day.

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Easy Upgrading and Downgrading

You can easily up- and downgrade via the Hypernode Control Panel. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no strings attached: you only pay for what you use.

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Critical vulnerabilities are resolved within 4 hours, ensuring maximum protection for your webshop.

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Cloud Agnostic

You can easily switch between our different cloud providers. This ensures that you will always have the possibility to host your webshop on the most suitable package for you.

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Optimized Cloud Booting

The fastest servers are always at your disposal.

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Isolated Environment

Shops run on their own isolated hosting environment.

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The hosting performance of your webshop is highly dependent on the underlying hardware. At Hypernode, we make sure you get to use the best cloud servers available.

The hosting performance of your webshop is highly dependent on the underlying hardware. At Hypernode, we make sure you get to use the best cloud servers available.

  • Cloud hosting allows to boot Hypernodes all over the world. As a result, the server that your shop runs on is always close to your customer, which increases performance.

  • We have automated repetitive tasks to save developers time.

  • You don’t have to worry about software updates and server configurations.

  • We think along proactively about improving the performance and security of your webshop.

  • Because we can outsource all hardware-related work with cloud hosting, we can focus 100% on the Hypernode software layer that makes your webshop faster, safer & more manageable.

Focus On Growing With Hypernode Cloud Hosting

No worries about backups, software updates, server configuration, monitoring, deploying, performance issues or development issues.

Our managed hosting makes sure you get to focus on the things that are important to you, without worrying about any hosting related issues. Sit back and relax.

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Cloud Hosting

  • Immediate upgrading and downgrading

  • Always and from any place, ready for your needs

  • Secure, isolated environment

  • 24/7 support available

Cloud Hosting Offers Maximum Flexibility

Automated Backups

Several automatic and instant backups are made daily. Thus, if something goes wrong, you can easily restore a backup via our Control Panel. Deleted a product by accident? No problem, just use your back up!

Worldwide Coverage

Cloud hosting makes it possible to boot Hypernodes worldwide. As a result, the server on which your shop runs is always close to your customers, which can increase the performance of your shop.

Pay Per Second

At Hypernode, we believe that you should have the freedom to change your contract whenever you want. Pay as you go, no set-up costs. Take advantage of 24/7 up- and downgrading, no obligations.

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"Hypernode has managed to amaze the ANWB e-commerce team in a short period of time with an improved performance, which is reflected in our conversion rate."

Jayton van den Berg

Chain director E-commerce | ANWB

"The substantive Magento knowledge of Hypernode and their willingness to exceed expectations made us a very happy customer"

Kail Tanriverdic

Ecommerce Manager | Kees Smit

"Hypernode is a proactive hosting company with a lot of knowledge about e-commerce. At Vingino, we reap the rewards!"

Krista Dirksen

Digital marketing manager | Vingino

Choose the Best Provider For Your Webshop


If you order a hosting package with Combell OpenStack as your cloud provider, the Hypernode is started up in Ghent, Belgium. Combell OpenStack offers the same uptime guarantee as DigitalOcean, but with better performance. Combell also only uses the latest hardware. With Combell OpenStack, we can boot a new node within just 10 minutes, and we also provide backups of the snapshots.

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Digital Ocean

DigitalOcean is an innovative and relatively young hosting party that focuses purely on the needs of developers. With our Hypernode platform, we build the bridge between developer and end user. We use Digital Ocean for shops that want their Hypernode to be hosted in a data center outside of Western Europe.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Cloud provider Amazon is the market leader in web hosting. Amazon offers top quality: a very stable and innovative platform that gives Hypernode plenty of room to develop and offer smart and useful features on the Hypernode platform.

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A Wide Range of Cloud Hosting Plans

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Different Types of Hosting

Which one do you prefer?

Cloud Hosting

With our managed cloud hosting, you rely on Hypernode’s scalable, flexible and secure infrastructure.

Cloud Hosting

With our managed cloud hosting, you rely on Hypernode’s scalable, flexible and secure infrastructure.
  • Lighting fast upgrades & downgrades

  • Bootable from anywhere in the world

  • Always the fastest server at your disposal

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Dedicated Hosting

With managed dedicated hosting, you have all server resources at your disposal, ensuring the most optimal performance.

Dedicated Hosting

With managed dedicated hosting, you have all server resources at your disposal, ensuring the most optimal performance.
  • Powerful bare metal servers

  • Complete control over your server environment

  • Optimal server configuration

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Cloud Hosting FAQ

What is Cloud Hosting?

With cloud hosting you combine the benefits of a VPS and the simplicity of shared hosting. This means that multiple cloud servers are linked together and form one large cluster. Resulting in maximum flexibility when it comes to capacity as you can easily up- or downscale your plans. This flexibility allows for greater scalability, increased reliability and cost savings. This is ideal for e-commerce shops that have to deal with peak loads. In addition, your shop runs in its own isolated environment. This way, you do not have to worry about your neighbors.

What About My Cloud Server Uptime?

The unique thing about cloud hosting is that it is a lot less dependent on hardware. Unlike dedicated hosting, which is linked to a physical server, your hosting is now mainly handled in the cloud. The network equipment, storage and cloud servers are seamlessly connected via cloud computing. As a result, the processes are distributed flexibly over the required hardware resources. Technology that does not seem to work, can therefore easily be replaced without taking the webshop or hosting offline.

What is the Difference Between Cloud Hosting and Virtual Private Server (VPS)

With cloud hosting, you have less control over your environment compared to a VPS. With a VPS, you get root access and therefore have much more control over your server. The advantage of cloud hosting is that you use a fully functional platform.

What is Hypernode Cloud Hosting Architecture

At Hypernode we use the cloud infrastructure of Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services or Combell. Each account uses multiple servers to ensure maximum uptime and scalability.

What Support Do I Get With My Cloud Hosting?

Of course, you get the support you have come to expect from us: fast, adequate and professional. Our dedicated support engineers are always ready to help you. They know everything about stability, security and performance.

Does Hypernode Offer a Free Trial?

Absolutely. With our free non-binding trial, you can test our platform and all its features for 14 days before making a decision. Your trial period will automatically end unless you choose to upgrade to a paid hosting plan.

Does Hypernode Offer SLA’s?

In case of emergency outside office hours (from 8:00 AM – 6 PM CEST), you can access our Hypernode Emergency Support via The cost of this service depends on the SLA level: Basic or Standard. Would you like to know more about our SLAs? Feel free to contact us at or +31 (0)20 521 6226.