Akeneo ends support for Akeneo 3.2

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With the upcoming release of Akeneo 5, the company is ending support for older versions of the PIM system. As of May 31, 2021, Akeneo will no longer offer support for Akeneo 3.2. This means no more new patches and security updates are going to be released. Are you still running on version 3.2? Then we recommend you to update to version 4.0 before 31 May.

How do I update my Akeneo version?

Akeneo 4.0 has different system requirements than Akeneo 3.2. That is why we recommend to test the update on a (new) development environment first. With the help of Akeneo’s support documentation you can safely update and test your Akeneo version there. If everything works properly, you can run the update on your production environment and cancel the development node immediately after a successful update.

We are happy to connect you to one of our Akeneo specialized partners if you run into any trouble.

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