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Personal data is collected for the following purposes and services

The services covered in this chapter enable the owner to study, analyse and use the data from web traffic in order to better understand their users’ behavior.

Google adwords conversion tracking (Google)

Google AdWords conversion tracking is an analytical tool by Google, Inc., that connects data from the Google AdWords advertising network to the activities of users on their website.
The assembled personal data: data that relates to Cookies and the user’s activity.
Location for data processing: US – Privacy Policy

Google Analytics (Google)

Google Analytics is a web-analytics service by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google uses the assembled data to gain a better understanding of how their users interact with their Application. With this information, they create reports about the users’ interactions and share these reports with other Google services.
With the insights from these reports, Google is able to personalize and contextualise the advertisements in the Google Advertising Network.
The assembled personal data: data that relates to Cookies and the user’s activity.
Location for data processing?: US – Privacy Policy – Opt Out

These services allow for this Application and its partners to inform and optimize the advertisements based on previous user interactions with the Application. This activity is done by using assembled Personal Data, Cookies and Information that has been provided by the partners who manage the remarketing and behavioral targeting activities.

AdWords Remarketing (Google)

AdWords Remarketing is a service by Google In. for Remarketing and Behavioral Targeting purposes. This service links the previous user activity with the Application to the Adwords Advertising Network and the Doubleclick Cookie. Location for data processing: US – Privacy Policy – Opt Out

Contact forms (This Application)

By completing the contact form, users give permission to this Application to use their personal data in answering information questions, competitions or any other question that is addressed by the header of the form.
The assembled personal data: Company name, Phone number, E-mail and Family name