This changelog introduces the addition of bash-completion functionality to the hypernode-systemctl command, which helps you find the right command to execute on the command line. Next to this, we made a change to the memory limit for PHP CLI. We will be applying both of these changes to all Hypernodes over the coming week.

Hypernode-systemctl bash-completion

The command hypernode-systemctl now supports bash-completion for easier navigation through the many options this command offers. Simply type the command and press tab to see the available subcommands you can use.

We will be adding bash-completion to more of our hypernode- commands in the future, like hypernode-manage-vhosts.

Change in PHP CLI memory limit

We have adjusted the memory_limit setting of php-cli to be matching to the full available system memory for all products that have 8GB or more RAM. Because of a bug in older Magento versions, we cannot set the PHP CLI memory limit to -1, because Magento cannot handle this value. This is discussed in more detail in Release 2192: No more PHP memory limits, blocking certain bots entirely.

These changes will be rolled out to all Hypernodes in the coming week.