Elasticsearch 7.6

In this release we’ve added support for Elasticsearch 7.6.

Elasticsearch 7.6 was released on 11 February 2020 which includes a whole range of new features and performance improvements! This is based on the new major version Elasticsearch 7, which also included significant improvements compared to version 6.

Start using Elasticsearch 7.6

You can see the available versions of Elasticsearch which you can use on your Hypernode when running hypernode-systemctl settings. This will show the following:

app@j6ys1p-testalex-magweb-cmbl:~$ hypernode-systemctl settings |& grep elasticsearch_version
elasticsearch_version ['5.2', '6.x', '7.x']

You can start using Elasticsearch 7.6 on your Hypernode by running the command hypernode-systemctl settings elasticsearch_version --value 7.x. Our automation will pick this up and start an update job to apply the new version of Elasticsearch to your Hypernode.

Requirements and incompatibilities

Note that Magento does not yet support Elasticsearch 7, nor does Shopware 5 but it’s required for Shopware 6 and Akeneo 4.0.