Hypernode is a managed hosting platform, but at the same time we offer ridiculous flexibility and control. To make the management of your Hypernode even easier, we have been working on a Hypernode API and an expansion of the CLI tool over the past weeks. These changes make it possible to manage even more Hypernode settings yourself.

CLI tool: change your own Hypernode settings

The possibilities of our Command Line interface (CLI) tool were already quite extensive and we have taken it a step further. Until recently, you could only change a select number of settings via our support team. We have now added these settings to the CLI tool under the heading ‘hypernode systemctl’. You can now, for example, change the PHP version with a single command, set Redis for user sessions and manage IP whitelists. You can look into the entire list of possibilities on our support documentation. By offering more flexibility you’ll save expensive developer time!

Hypernode API (beta)

To make the hypernode systemctl-tool possible, we needed a Hypernode API. In the future, this API offers you the possibility to organize your Hypernode management according to your own wishes. This is especially interesting for web agencies because the API will make it possible to change settings for several Hypernodes at once. In addition, there is also the possibility to link the Hypernode management your own automation.

Please note: the above mentioned possibilities are still just a pie in the sky, the Hypernode API is currently still in beta. We are still tweaking a lot, so we advise you not to let critical business processes rely on it! Of course we will let you know when we remove the beta label.

Both the Hypernode API and the CLI tool give developers the freedom to automate and simplify the management of a Hypernode. In the upcoming months, we will make more settings and features manageable via the CLI and API. Keep an eye on our changelog for the latest releases.