Shopware hosting

As of the past summer, in addition to hosting specialised for Magento, we are offering Hypernode optimized for Shopware as well. Shopware specialist Kiener opted convincingly for Hypernode as their hosting partner. What was their motivation, and how did it turn out for them?

Kiener has years of e-commerce experience under their belt. With customers such as Mollie, Dierapotheker and Interoffice, they understand very well what e-commerce companies need in order to grow. In addition to setting up online stores, Kiener also implements links between various systems. A Shopware partner for two years running, Kiener was recently declared a Shopware Solution Partner, making them one of a select group of Shopware specialists.

Finding a suitable hosting partner

Though the German hosting market for Shopware (Shopware’s home market) is quite mature, not many Dutch hosting providers actively worked with Shopware up till now. Kiener put a lot of effort into finding a suitable hosting partner.

Geert Smit, co-founder and e-commerce consultant: “Shopware has some fairly hefty performance requirements, but as a development partner, there are also administrative tasks you want to handle yourself. Additionally, we value security very highly. For these reasons, we explored a variety of hosting solutions over the years. These included Shopware-certified solutions, as well as some non-specific hosting solutions.

None of these hosting providers met Kiener’s expectations:

Geert: “We discovered that due to our specific needs and wishes as to administration, performance and security, we were better off just setting up our own hosting. None of the usual solutions were suitable or financially advantageous.

Hypernode introduces Shopware hosting

Until this past spring. Seeing Shopware’s potential, we made it possible to host this e-commerce package on our Hypernodes as well. We contacted Kiener’s specialists, inviting them to join in a pilot for our proof of concept.

Geert: “With a joint pilot, the price/performance ratio worked out very well. The smoothness of communications was also apparent from the start. The Hypernode team responds fast and provides support as needed with optimization tips and advice. Additionally, the platform is very stable and we can handle many administrative tasks ourselves. Good reasons to recommend Hypernode to more of our clients.

“So great to be able to handle stuff yourself.”

Kiener currently has several Shopware stores running on the Hypernode platform, to their satisfaction:

Geert: “We’ve really enjoyed working together. Communications are smooth, and our questions and desires are quickly anticipated on.

Kiener’s developers are also fans of the technical possibilities of the Hypernode platform:

Reinder van Bochove, developer at Kiener: “I’m really happy that Hypernode offers so many CLI tools. As a developer with some knowledge of server administration, I can do lots of things myself. I can even restart services. And I don’t need root privileges to do so, either.

It’s wonderful not to have to go through Support for every little thing. Not that that’s such a bad thing here; I’ve rarely experienced such good support. But when you’re in the flow, it’s great to be able to just handle stuff yourself.