MageReport Premium Hypernode

The day has come: MageReport Premium is now also available for all Hypernode customers. And that’s not everything, we’ve also added the performance charts of your Hypernode in the Control Panel. You can check at a glance how your Hypernode is performing and get insights in stats such as response time, bot traffic and disk usage. Learn more about the advantages of MageReport Premium in this blogpost!

MageReport: on top of security

Keeping Magento shops and their customers safe is our top priority, whether you are a customer of Hypernode or not. As the founder of MageReport, a free security service, Hypernode closely follows Magento releases and security trends in the community. Because of our high volume of professional Magento shops, we are generally one of the first to notice new threats and attack patterns. This enables us to act swiftly and protect our customers when it is required. Each day, over 1000 unique sites scan their shop looking for possible security vulnerabilities.

MageReport Premium: get more performance insights

Anyone can scan their Magento shop with MageReport to gain safety insights . However, when logged in with a Hypernode account, you receive specific information about your shop’s performance and helps you optimize your Hypernode. An overview:

Performance checks

  • Long running processes detected
  • Var/log directory size
  • Disk usage
  • Bot traffic
  • Response time
  • Memory usage

Performance charts

  • PHP requests per minute
  • Average PHP response time (seconds)
  • Long running processes (seconds)
  • CPU usage (%)
  • Redis memory in use (%)

Accessing MageReport Premium is easy by logging on to MageReport with your Hypernode customer account. Choose ‘Sign in with Hypernode’ on your top right.

A complete overview in your Control Panel

In the renewed ‘My Hypernode’ page in the Control Panel, we’ve now incorporated general Hypernode settings and the charts from MageReport Premium. All you need to know about your Hypernode can now be found in one accessible overview.

Hypernode Control Panel

General Hypernode settings and charts from MageReport Premium in the Control Panel

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