Last Friday was the day of days for e-commerce; Black Friday. During the start of the holiday season the average activity on websites increases drastically due to the discounts offered. Most webshops earn more than 30 percent of their yearly revenue within this period. Over the last few years we have seen this phenomenon grow more and more popular, which is why the day had been on our minds for weeks. We wanted to make sure all the shops on our platform could have the smoothest experience possible, and fortunately (but not surprisingly) they did!

How your preparation made the dream work

You probably heard of our Black Friday promotion, right?! Besides our managed upgrade action, we also actively contacted the shops on our platform rapidly approaching the limitations of their plan. Such actions made sure that over 10 percent of these shops grew their resources. Therefore they were able to handle the high load during (the week of) Black Friday. Very proud to see that more shops take proactive measures to prepare! Well done.

Customers around the globe started shopping like crazy, and all our Hypernodes were able to welcome them with open arms!

The preparation was proven valuable! Did you know that the biggest peak actually happened before the day itself? Thursday night the big crowd started looking for discounts. This was when we measured the highest activity. Fortunately, all the shops on hypernode were able to handle that.

E-commerce peaks during Black Friday

Graph: Activity on Hypernode platform during Black Friday week compared to an average week.

Black Friday: on average 45% more load

Nevertheless, we were prepared for busy days. Our techies and support team made sure to have a good night sleep and were warmed up well. On Wednesday the techies noticed the first activity peaks. Ever since they have been on the edge of their seats, while staying in close contact with our support team.

On Black Friday itself the shops on our platform received 45% more visitors than normal. Our techies did detect about 10 stores nearing the upper limit of their plan. However they were easily able to warn and help them grow their resources in time. Customers around the globe started shopping like crazy, and all our Hypernodes were able to welcome them with open arms!

Even in the heat of this busy day our techies remained calm when a Magento developer called for help. They had a shop which was down during an important campaign! Other hosting companies had rejected them, because who has time for migration today, right?! Well, our techies made it work. On the busiest day of the year, they migrated the shop to Hypernode so it could profit from the rest of the Black Friday weekend.

For the first time in three years, I did not experience any panic during Black Friday.’, one of our partner agencies said.

Empty support queue, how may we help you?

Down below you can see the support tickets we have received over the past month:

Hosting support during Black Friday

Graph: No. of tickets per day during the month November.

You would not recognize Black Friday without the arrow, would you? As our platform was well prepared, the shops on it did not suffer any platform related trouble during Black Friday. Our support was super sharp and ready to answer all questions, but just between you and me ;-), they were not that busy during Black Friday. Nevertheless, they are still our superheroes saving the day. The questions they did receive were all quickly answered and rated with 5 out of 5 stars.


One of our partner agencies told us: ‘For the first time in three years, I did not experience any panic during Black Friday.’ We hope you did not experience any panic either, and were able to enjoy all the discounts yourself.

We enjoyed Black Friday and are already looking forward to next year!


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