Earlier this year Hypernode customer Grasscity migrated from a datacenter in Brussels to a datacenter in Virginia. This migration led to shorter loading time for their customers and better rankings in USA search engines.

Hypernode has presence around the world

Every Hypernode is booted from a datacenter located somewhere in the world. When a datacenter is located far away from your user, latency is likely to increase. This will cause a longer loading time for your visitor in the end. When a shop has a customer base located at a specific area, it could be beneficial to boot from a location close to those customers.

Normally your Hypernode will be booted on a datacenter in Ghent, Belgium or Frankfurt, Germany. However our providing partners offer data centers located all over the world, from Mumbai to Sidney, and London to Virginia, as you can read about down below.

Minimal downtime during migration!

Grasscity is a Dutch Magento webshop which became widely popular around the world selling weed supplies. They focus on a specifically located customer base, namely Virginia and surrounding. When migrating to the Amazon datacenter located there earlier this year, they were very enthusiastic. Their loading times within the USA improved drastically. Mert Gokceimam, the CTO of Grasscity, says the following about their experience:

“We’ve been a Hypernode customer for over 3 years now, and are very happy with the service they offer. A gripe however were the datacenters being located in Europe as 90% of our customers are from the United States . We wanted to reduce latency for our customers.”

When Grasscity decided to migrate to a different datacenter, the Hypernode team planned and prepared a plan to do so. The migration could therefore be done with minimal downtime.

Mert continuous: “After the switch we see great improvements on our loading times in the USA: around 25% improvement. Improved loading times also generated better rankings and overall we see an improvement of 10-15%. As usual the support we received from Hypernode on the datacenter change was outstanding.”

Funfact: in contrast to hosters like Magento, we do not mind hosting companies selling weed supplies. Our Hypernodes are open to all! I guess we can state that Grasscity would highly recommend booting from a differently located datacenter.. 😉 


Choose between 24 different datacenters all over the world

When you believe that booting at a different located datacenter is beneficial for you, we help you through the progress. You can choose your preferred location from our 24 different data centers all over the world. We will then manage the migration of your webshop. To make sure your downtime is minimal, we operate quickly. The migration often does not take more than 15 minutes, differentiating by the size of your shop of course. A small investment for years of faster loading times for your customers, right?

Interested? Contact your account manager or call our support for advice on your case!