Optimize Magento Store

The Hypernode platform consists of the best hardware and software to make and keep Magento web shops fast and secure. However, no matter how solid the hosting foundation, you still have plenty of work to do as the online store’s manager. Consider the need to update your Magento version, the removal of unused modules, or product image optimization. All of this to keep the Magento application running smoothly. Luckily, our Hypernode platform has plenty of tools available to make your life easier in these areas as well. In this blogpost we cover 5 Hypernode tools that help you optimize your Magento shop!

Optimize Magento with a single command

Many of the tools can be controlled through a single command in the command line (CLI). Often, these are Magerun plugins that have been developed from within the community. We ensure that they’re available to you on your Hypernode right out of the box. Check the Hypernode support docs for a full list of useful CLI tools and Magerun plugins.

#1 Carefree image optimization

Image optimization can save significant disk space, but processing each image independently gets time-consuming really quickly. Hypernode customers can use the Hypernode Image Optimizer, optimizing all your images in a few minutes. You can also set up a cron to automatically optimize all images each night.

#2 Scanning your store for malware and viruses

It’s good practice to scan your store for malware and viruses regularly. Hypernode provides a malware scanner which can also be set up to run periodically with a cron job.

#3 Checking for insecure passwords

Find weak user passwords with just a single command! Abuse of insecure passwords must be prevented at all cost, so we use Rainbow tables and dictionaries to detect them.

#4 Tracking performance for all the store’s pages

A simple command will generate a sitemap-based performance report. This provides an overview of load times per page, status codes, and ‘time to first byte’. Handy when comparing a live environment to a test environment, for example, or during your trial period, to see how much faster your store is on Hypernode than on your old hosting environment.

#5 Tracking modules in need of updates

In addition to Magento itself, its extensions and modules also constantly receive updates to improve the security or functionality. You wouldn’t be the first to overlook one of these. A single command presents you with an overview of all installed extensions and modules that require an update.

Do you have any suggestions for tools that would help you optimize your Magento shop even more easily? Use our UserVoice and tell us which Hypernode you would like to see!