Extensions are a vital part of your Magento infrastructure. During the first couple of years following the release of Magento 2, a lot of people complained about the limited number of available extensions for the new platform. But that complaint doesn’t make sense anymore. The number of extensions compatible with Magento 2 has grown steadily over the years. In this blog, we will show you a couple of the most popular Magento 2 extensions.

More and more Magento 2 extensions available

Momentarily you can find hundreds of extensions for Magento 2. A growing number of developers (including well-known and reputed parties like Amasty, Mageworx and Aheadworks) are embracing the new platform. This has led to a well-filled Magento marketplace.

Choose your extensions wisely

It is wise to be selective when it comes to installing and using Magento extensions, because activating an extension for almost every thinkable shop function will make your site a tad (and sometimes even a lot) slower. And that is something you don’t want in the current digital landscape, where fast loading times are an absolute necessity if you want to play a significant role in today’s online shopping universe.

So always check the necessity and added value of a certain extension. Does the extension offer a functionality that is absolutely unmissable for your online store? Or is the extension an extra treat with possible future value that you hardly use when it comes to doing present day business? If the latter is the case, the wisest choice is to turn the extension off or to postpone its installment. So always select your extensions carefully!

Popular Magento 2 extensions

But which extensions do actually come in handy when you want a user-friendly and optimally functioning Magento 2 store? And which functionalities and extra options do these extensions offer? On our Hypernode platform, we see that the following ones are used quite regularly.

Amasty Improved Layered Navigation

Good filtering options are of the uttermost importance if you run a modern and customer-friendly online shop. Amasty Improved Layer Navigation offers you the opportunity to greatly increase the number of filtering options.

Filtering on product features, price, size or brand, it all becomes a piece of cake with this smart extension. Besides that, the extension also allows you to display horizontal as well as vertical navigation blocks and to create advanced categories, including several subcategories. Headings like ‘new’ or ‘sale’ are prime examples of this last feature. And last but not least: Amasty Improved Layered Navigation is also designed to perform well in combination with the most important search engines.

Mageworx SEO Suite

Mageworx SEO Suite is in many ways an all-in-one Magento SEO solution. The extension reduces search optimization workload and dramatically improves the online visibility of a Magento-based store. The 11 available SEO templates allow you to directly fill out all the important meta information in an orderly and well-arranged manner.


A special tag assures you that search engines show the right information based on the provided language settings. Cannonicals prevent the appearance of duplicated content. Such content is maligned by prime search engines like Google and Yahoo and has a negative impact on your SEO rankings.

Learn more about improving your Magento’s SEO performance with Robots.txt here.

Amasty Special Promotions

Does your shop often feature discounts or special promotions? Amasty Special Promotions
grants you the freedom to customize products and special offers based on the orders that a client placed in the past. The extension also makes it easier to give away free products when you set up a special action.

You can also use Free Gift to give away products. Special promotions tend to have a beneficial effect on customer loyalty and generally (especially in the long run) lead to higher conversion rates and more revenue.

Aheadworks Automatic Related Products

For big online stores it’s not alway easy to show related products on product pages. The reason: these shops often sell thousands of different items. So you have to spend a lot of time to create related products in case of default Magento 2. The extension Aheadworks Automatic Related Products is the solution to this problem. It automatizes the aforementioned process and allows you to draw up general rules for assigning related products.

Furthermore, the AheadWorks Automatic Related Products Magento 2 module offers block location settings, thereby providing the ability to fully customize the appearance of related products on frontend pages of your Magento 2 website. So you can easily introduce headers like ‘other customers ordered this too’ or ‘related to this product’ to give your upselling numbers and cross-selling stats a serious boost.


To write a commercial success story, triggering your customers every once in a while is very important. With the Teaserbox extension, adding special products, promotions and images in the form of a slider becomes very easy. The great thing about Teaserbox is that you can freely choose your preferred images and easily adjust the shape and direction of the slider.

Mageplaza Magento Blog Extension

Are you a keen writer and do you want to enrich your Magento 2 shop with an interesting blog? In that case, the Magento Blog Extension is a very useful tool.

This extension allows you to create and manage a blog on your online store involving best SEO experience (so the extension helps you attract more organic visitors). Posts, categories and tags can be edited directly from the Magento Admin Panel, as well as integrated with your products. You can also create a news section on your store. Thanks to the Magento Blog Extension you no longer have to rely on third party solutions (like WordPress) to set up and manage your blog.

Mirasvit Sphinx Search Ultimate

This extension improves the search options of your online store. The extension recognizes queries and complements them automatically, even when the user makes a spelling error. Thus, you provide customers with a fast and reliable search that understands all queries, even if a customer doesn’t know how a certain product name is spelt. The Sphinx uses a clear dropdown menu to immediately show you the results of a certain query. Also good to know: Hypernode customers can get a special discount on this extension. Interested? Just contact us for more information.

Fooman PDF Customiser

PDF documents are an important part of everyday e-commerce business. The Fooman PDF Customiser allows you to easily fine-tune these documents according to your personal e-commerce needs.

Yotpo Reviews

Reviews are powerful tools to boost conversion, visitor numbers and customer retention. Potential customers often read external reviews and consider them to be reliable feedback that says something about the credibility and quality of a shop.

With the help of Yotpo Reviews, customers can judge and rate products within the body of an email. This greatly enhances the chance on a thorough review. This extension is also optimized for mobile use, important in a time where a big chunk of online shopping is done on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Advanced Reports

To measure is to know. This figure of speech definitely applies to your online store too. Advanced Reports by Aheadworks or Amasty offers reports and summaries of your most important statistics.

One comprehensive summary shows you several detailed reports. This gives you the opportunity to measure and judge the performance of your online store as a whole or the success of individual pages and products.

As opposed to the equally useful, but much more complex Google Analytics+ by Fooman, using Advanced Reports requires little or no in-depth knowledge of Google Analytics.


The sheer number of currently available Magento 2 extensions allows you to equip your online store with an impressive myriad of extra functionalities. Although the supply is impressive and alluring, you should be wary of overplaying your hand. Only use extensions that make your online store increase in value!

The list above, which contains some of the most popular and useful extensions, serves as a basic guide to lead you through the crowded environment of Magento 2.

We haven’t yet tried all of the aforementioned extensions ourselves, but see most of them reappear on our platform on a regular basis. So use the information to your advantage! Do you want to comment on the list? Or are you familiar with great extensions that are not mentioned in our summary? Let us know!