Hypernode is partnering with Mage One

As of now Adobe is not supporting Magento 1 anymore. Is your online store still relying on Magento 1 software, we urgently request you to take action in order to keep your store as safe as possible. To help you with this, Hypernode partnered with Mage One. They are one of the community initiatives that will provide Magento 1 patches after June 2020.

About Mage One

Mage One is a company founded to extend support for Magento 1 after Adobe announced the End of Life (EOL) in June 2020. Mage One will focus on providing patches for Magento 1 beginning in July 2020. Magento security patches as well as PHP, MySQL and Apache patches are planned. For more info on Mage One and the service they offer, please check out their website mage-one.com.

10% discount for Hypernode customers

As a Hypernode customer you can get a 10% discount on your Mage One subscription. So, is your shop still on Magento 1 software? Contact us for the 10% discount code for your Mage One subscription.

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