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Hypernode is a VPS that is topped with a Magento platform and can be classified as a so-called PaaS (Platform as a Service). Hypernode can also be classified as a highly sophisticated Magento cloud platform. So what exactly sets our platform apart from other cloud solutions?

Built for Magento

Within the cloud market, Hypernode is in many ways a subject in its own right. Hypernode is not just optimized for Magento, but built from scratch to be fully compatible with every part of the Magento environment. The developers behind Hypernode are seasoned experts when it comes to working with and developing in Magento. We have 10 years of experience when it comes to hosting Magento sites. The fact that we built, proves that we understand Magento and are in close contact with the ever expanding Magento community.

Hypernode provides the specific tools and techniques (for example Modman, Composer and Magerun) for Magento that will make developing work easier and much more fun. We also automate and optimize several Magento-specific processes to create a faster and more stable webstore environment. Additional services that come with Hypernode are the Magento-specific security measures on server level. You can check several of these in


Hypernode is cloud-agnostic. This means that the platform is not dependent on a specific cloud provider. Because Hypernode doesn’t rely on one specific type of infrastructure, it can always take advantage of the best possible cloud provider. This grants us the freedom to switch to another, better provider at any given moment. We constantly monitor the different cloud providers by means of thorough analysis.

Highest level of standardisation and automation

Hypernode also provides the highest possible level of standardisation and automation.
This mode of operation generates a lot of advantages. Every Hypernode is equipped with a fully optimised software stack that is managed by us. New tools, which make your Magento shop safer, faster, easier and more stable, are developed every week. By testing these in our fully automated test lane, these adjustments can be rolled out faster than ever before. This mode of operation saves developers a lot of time because they don’t have to set up anything themselves.

So this high level of standardisation and automation means:

  1. We offer essential tools to make your work better, faster, more fun and more profitable.
  2. 100% continuous delivery: you buy a product that keeps gaining additional value, without having to invest in extra resources.
  3. We know you can be quite busy with repetitive work. That’s boring (and not billable). We automate everything we can.
  4. The Hypernode infrastructure is free of human errors.
  5. Hypernode implements extensive security measures on the server side in a limited amount of time. These measures are also Magento-specific.
  6. You always have access to the newest technology.
  7. All Hypernodes work exactly the same.This is especially efficient if you run multiple shops (e.g. Magento agency).

Collaborative development

So Hypernode offers a little less flexibility than unmanaged cloud solutions. But it’s our job to make sure that our users will feel the need to make their own adjustments as little as possible by offering our users the newest technologies and features, best possible performance and state of the art security.

To achieve this goal, we constantly collaborate with the large and still expanding Magento community and stay in close touch with the users of the platform about their experiences. Hypernode has been developed in close consultation with Magento developers, with the objective of optimizing the performance of Magento webshops and to make their development several times easier.

Together, we design a roadmap for your product. This will definitely cut down on the legwork. Meanwhile, we will keep the setup as generic as possible, allowing it to fit with every workflow.

Focussed on agencies

We offer actual partner value, not just commission. This shows in the extra value that accompanies our product development and additional services. We build the platform for agencies. The fact that 65% of Dutch Magento agencies chooses Hypernode proves that our approach works.

So save your developers time with essential tools to make their work better, faster, more fun and more profitable. Apart from that, our agency focus manifests itself in many different ways:

  • We know you need overview. So all clients under one account. In your control panel, billing panel, and in performance and security monitors.
  • We offer progressive recurring commission for agencies: more the customers, higher the revenue.
  • We help you sell Hypernode with benchmarks, managed migrations and security & performance reports.
  • Join the Hypernode community. This is a tight community, a well-known hub of interpersonal and intercompany information exchange.
  • Become a Hypernode Certified Agency. This gives you the possibility to prove that you are a top of the bill agency. Extra leads guaranteed!
  • Collaborate development: we shape Hypernode’s roadmap together with our users.


While traditional cloud hosting only parks your data, Hypernode is completely tailored for Magento. The platform is equipped with the latest technologies and tools when it comes to performance. On top of that we release new tools on a weekly basis. These are always based on the latest insights. So Hypernode offers all the classical benefits of a VPS, but has been specifically designed for Magento shops. This leads to the best possible performance and makes the management of these online environments a lot easier.