Flexible contracts Hypernode

A great marketing campaign will lead many more visitors to your online store than usual. How many visitors your store can handle, and its performance during these peak moments, will depend on the available hosting resources. Often, too often in fact, we see preparations for marketing campaigns fail to take hosting into account, resulting in a store that freezes up at the moment of truth. That’s a real shame, as we charge up and downgrades by the day, meaning that a more powerful Hypernode needn’t cost much at all.

Upgrade your Hypernode to process additional traffic and orders

You can use your Control Panel to upgrade to a larger Hypernode yourself, at any time. Please, make sure to do so right before any anticipated peaks due to marketing campaigns, large-scale mailings, or sales events. If your campaign is a success and the visitors come flooding in, your store will be in urgent need of those resources to process the traffic and additional orders.

And when the numbers slow back down? Downgrade your plan again instantly. With us, you pay for your hosting plan by the day, so that temporary upgrade costs you hardly anything. Besides, you’ll recoup the expense in no time thanks to the additional revenue!

We believe flexibility is part of e-commerce

Let’s put it this way: we simply do not like long-term contracts. The contract term of a Hypernode is 1 month and we calculate your hosting costs per day. If you want to know more about our service and contracts, please contact us.

An Example? Here You Go

Your store normally runs on a Professional 3XL plan (€1,179/month). On July 15, you launch a major marketing campaign. A bunch of emails are sent out advertising some fantastic deals. You anticipate a X% response and decide (perhaps after consultation with us) that a Professional 4XL plan (€1,699/month) is probably enough to handle the extra load. Within the minute, you upgrade your plan in the Control Panel to a larger, more powerful Hypernode. Your event is a wonderful success, and the orders are racing through the checkout.

After two days, traffic begins to die down again. Time for your downgrade. Your extra hosting expense was only 2 x €17.33 (price per day). And you got way more revenue. A no-brainer, right?

More Examples? You’re Welcome

Hypernode Upgrade Example