Hypernode Backup Policy

Our Hypernode platform is developed in close consultation with our customers and partners. Together we decide what should be next on our roadmap. Last year, during our partner meeting, various partners requested multiple daily backups and the possibility to create their own backup in addition to the ones we automagically made for them. With great joy, we can now tell you that we released these features on our platform!

Additional backup features

We’ve added the additional backup features as a part of our Service Level Agreement (SLA) policy. The table below shows the differences regarding backups between SLA Basic and SLA Standard. If you’re looking for more technical details, read this article about our SLA backup policies.

Hypernode Backups SLA

*: You can create a maximum of 4 instant backups per day (retention of 48 hours)
**: With one simple click!

You don’t have to be a whiz kid to notice that you always have a backup available which is at most 6 hours old when you have SLA Standard! So yeah, all the more reason to check out our SLA Standard proposition.

Note: these features are not available on DigitalOcean.

Still not convinced?

Next to additional backups features, SLA Standard clients also get the following extra’s when using the Hypernode Emergency Service (HES):

  • The Hypernode Emergency Service is more cost effective. (a reduced price of 50% on incident related costs)
  • 24/7 live chat support when you use the Hypernode Emergency Service
  • A guaranteed recovery time of 2 hours
  • A response time within the hour

If you have any questions regarding our backup policy or the SLA’s, please contact us. We’re always happy to help!

The additional backup features in the Control Panel.