Dedicated IP

Another slick feature our Hypernode platform has to offer: dedicated IP! This means your IP address will remain identical, even after up- or downgrading your plan.

How Does It Work?

When you order a new Hypernode, this will come with its own dedicated IP. There’s no more need to worry about a different DNS or IP address whitelisting when you change your plan.

Situations which will still impact your Hypernode address

Dedicated IPs can only be transferred between Hypernodes located at the same data center. That means that in some situations, your Hypernode IP address will still change:

  • Up or downgrades between Professional and Excellence plans
  • Transferal (by request) of a Hypernode to a data center in another region

Advantages of a dedicated IP

1. No more DNS changes

You can point a domain’s DNS directly at the Hypernode IP address, without the need to update the DNS after up or downgrading.

2. No more IP address whitelist renewals

Online stores often make use of external services, such as inventory, ERP systems and payment services. Sometimes those services are located behind a firewall, and the Hypernode IP address must first be whitelisted to make the connection. Failure to do so immediately could have some unpleasant consequences. With a dedicated IP, updating the whitelist after changing to a new plan is not needed.

3. Less downtime for Magento Excellence plan changes

A change in plan will always involve a little downtime. For the Magento Excellence 2XL, 3XL and 4XL hosting plans, that downtime is already much lower thanks to ‘migration with disk retention‘, but a DNS update was still required. With a dedicated IP, the DNS remains the same, reducing your store’s downtime to only 1 minute altogether for up or downgrades between the above mentioned plans.

Learn More

Do you want more technical details? Then go read the changelog created by our techie Rick: Upscaling without IP change, dedicated IPs for Hypernodes.