Shopware and Magento 2 hosting

There is no industry that moves quicker than the e-commerce industry. Therefore Hypernode also constantly looks for ways to develop and adapt to the needs and wants of our customers, specifically for Shopware and Magento 2 hosting. Due to this we have decided to change our portfolio a bit. The brand new Professional S plan has conquered its place in between our other plans, while we say goodbye to the Start plan. Currently using a Start plan? No worries! You can remain to do so, you just cannot purchase a new Start plan.

Professional S: a new plan for your Shopware and Magento 2 store

The new plan in Hypernodes professional line, called the Professional S, offers a new combination in specs. This plan is expected to fit certain shops better due to its specifications. Shopware and Magento 2 need ElasticSearch for example. ElasticSearch is now included, just like it is in the rest of the Professional line. You can compare the specifications of the Professional S plan to those of the Grow and Prof M in the chart below.

Important: The Professional S plan is only available on Combell OpenStack (COS).

Interested in purchasing this plan? You can easily purchase it via

Or are you currently using another plan and want to change it into a Professional S? If you are using the English Control Panel, you have to contact our support team. They will arrange the shift for you. However, if you are using our Dutch Service Panel, you can easily change to the new plan within the Service Panel yourself.

Not available anymore: the Start plan

From the 30th of June 2020, the Start plan has officially left our portfolio. This means you cannot order a new Start production or development plan anymore. However, if you are currently using one, you can keep doing so.

Switching a Start development plan to a Start production plan is not possible anymore. Looking for an alternative? Check out the Grow plan! The Grow plan often is a better fit for Magento 2 and Shopware hosting. You can find a complete overview of our current plans on our website.

Any questions about these changes? Our support team is ready to answer all your questions (believe me, they’re awesome!), so feel free to contact them.