5 ways Hypernode saves heaps of time on Magento development

Hypernode is the first Magento cloud platform of its kind. A team of Magento specialists is completely focused on the Magento application, the way it behaves and how users work with it on a daily basis. Besides managing to deliver ultimate performance and security, Hypernode has successfully saved Magento developers heaps of time in their daily work. They work many times more efficiently and get more work done, which leads to genuine customer satisfaction. In other words: more billable hours. That’s quite a statement and we realize that. Let me explain how we’ve done it.

#1 We make sure you’re always up-to-date

Save time on managing infrastructure – We believe in focusing. Do what you do best and leave everything else to the specialists. In your case: let developers develop and let us take care of the hosting infrastructure. If you outsource hosting to a hosting specialist, developers don’t have to spend time setting up infrastructure, installing and updating software, fixing security issues, troubleshooting in NGINX, et cetera. These DevOps tasks could take up 5% to even 20% of their time. And even if they did have time for it, they’d be better off billing hours (and making money for you) in their field of expertise.

Save time on keeping up to date with the newest technologies – The Magento development community is in constant flux. New technologies to make developing in Magento easier and/or improve store performance are being discovered every week. We maintain close contact with the community and keep an eagle eye on these developments for our customers. Once something has proven itself, or shows a lot of potential, we include the technologies in the Hypernode stack and roll it out uniformly across all Hypernodes (take a look at our changelog). This means developers don’t need to spend time actively researching the latest developments on the hosting side to stay ahead of the competition.

#2 We make development as easy as possible

Not having to worry about configuring and tuning the basics of the web stack, like NGINX and PHP, will give developers more time to put into building new features and finding innovative solutions.

Save time on implementing the development software you need – Developers need extra tools implementing within the hosting environment for developing a high-quality Magento store. These could be caching technologies for optimum performance, analysis tools such as New Relic for tracing bottlenecks, or decent integration with a version control tool like Git. We make sure all this software is available on every Hypernode out-of-the-box. But we go even further too – Magento-specific development tools such as Composer, Modman and n98 magerun are implemented out-of-the-box as well. More info on Hypernode tooling.

Reduce the learning curve in every project – If you run multiple Magento stores, imagine how inefficient it would be if every hosting environment had a different setup. For a developer or account manager, every new project he/she joins comes with a learning curve. On Hypernode, every node has the same setup, so the hosting environments for all your projects work the same way. A developer or account manager only has to go through the learning curve once. This level of standardization is the most efficient in an environment where team members work on several different projects.

Save time on setting up deployment pipelines – We make deployment easy for developers, so they spend as little time as possible seeking out workable solutions. But we stick to a generic solution, not wishing to impose anything. That’s because we know every agency has its own way of working. We’d prefer to provide a solid foundation for developers to build upon themselves, such as identical development environments, a staging environment on the Hypernode itself, and a local Docker image with the Hypernode setup. We also collaborate with the community for good tooling, such as a plugin that takes care of large parts of configuring deployment automation for you.

Change settings and processes with one click – That’s why we’ve tried to offer as many features as possible in GUI form on our control panel of via a single command in command line. This allows a developer to change settings or start processes with a single click or command. This includes changing PHP versions, managing SSH users, linking to SSL, blocking undesirable bots, etc.

Save time on finding the solution to development issues – Developers won’t have to spend hours searching for the solution to a problem, instead finding the answer in our support documentation in no time. Our future dream is to make this open source, making it even easier for Hypernode users to share tips and tricks with one another.

Let developers develop, we’ll take care of the rest.

#3 We provide the insights you need

Managing fast, stable and secure online stores requires a developer’s constant attention. We offer developers all the insights they need on a silver platter. This makes it very difficult to miss any important information, meaning your online stores will visibly stand out from the competition.

Save time on identifying and preventing performance issues – Besides the right software and tools to really ratchet up performance, we also offer developers as many handy ways as possible to monitor it closely. How is store X holding up with its resources? How fast does the store load and how does this compare to other Magento stores? How many PHP requests can the store handle per minute, and how many of these are coming from bots? And if there’s still that stubborn little bottleneck that you can’t quite explain, you can find it in a flash with the New Relic and Blackfire tools.

Save time on identifying security threats – Our security scanner MageReport shows you any remaining vulnerabilities in your store at a glance, and explains how to remedy them. Do you manage multiple stores? We can prioritize the threads for all stores into a single to-do list. We enable agencies to quickly spot customers using weak admin passwords. Integrating the tool into the work flow by using it for periodic checks on production stores keeps customer stores secure and saves developers a time-consuming process. And in the unlikely event that a hacker does manage to give you the run-around, our malware scanner will pick out the suspicious files right away, or you’ll soon notice it in those strange spikes on the MageReport Premium charts.

Save time on switching between multiple clients – A developer working for an agency will be tasked with managing multiple stores. This will soon make for a frenzy of logins to the hosting environment control panel for each one. With Hypernode, the developer can see the hosting environments for all their customers under a single client account. All the performance and security issues we identify in these stores will be merged into a single overview that we’ve already ranked by priority.

#4 We help you prevent issues, so you don’t have to solve them

We have a saying in the Netherlands: “beter voorkomen dan genezen”. In English it means something like “better safe than sorry”, but the literal translation is “prevention is better than cure” – totally our motto. We’re doing everything we can to prevent problems, so developers don’t have to deal with them.

Save time on fixing resource problems – If you and your customers are doing a good job, the stores you’re working on are constantly growing. They’re going to need more resources, be they storage, CPU, memory or all the above. We proactively notify developers when a store is close to reaching its limits and make sure they can scale up in their own control panel 24/7 without notabele downtime or a IP-switch. So even if they’re suddenly surprised by an unexpected load, because a client forgot to tell them about a large e-mail campaign – it happens, we know – they can take action immediately. So bringing a store back to life after it’s run out of resources will be a thing of the past. Need a use case? Read this article on how we handled Black Friday behind the scenes.

Save time on fixing hacks – We humbly suggest that Hypernode is the world’s most comprehensive Magento security platform. In 2015, we launched MageReport.com, a free security tool for Magento merchants and developers. We had the know-how, after all, so why wouldn’t we share it … ? We never predicted the success of this tool, but we’re still grateful we can use it on a daily basis. Around 2,000 Magento stores are scanned every day, allowing us to spot any suspicious patterns. On top of this, a close collaboration has grown up between the worldwide Magento community and the Magento security team since then, which means we’re the first to be informed of any security issues. We translate this knowledge directly into security measures on server level, allowing us to protect stores against brute force attacks, for example, or malicious bots that we’ve identified platform-wide. Once a patch is released, we then immediately apply this emergency plaster on server level to give our customers some advance protection. This way, developers will spend a heck of a lot time less fixing hacks. Need proof? Read this article on how we blocked 100,000 hack attempts in only twelve days.

We give you the server stats you need to prevent problems – In addition to the publicly-available MageReport.com, Hypernode users also have access to the Premium edition of MageReport. This is where we share all Hypernode’s server stats that we gather ourselves. Are you seeing certain processes running for a long time, or a sudden spike in the number of PHP requests? It might not be causing a problem right now, but it could do in the near future. Time to take action now, and save yourself some trouble later.

#5 We help you automate the boring stuff

Automation is a developer’s best friend. Why perform a task you could have automated before, when you could’ve got yourself a nice cup of coffee instead?

Save time on recurring tasks – Developers spend an average of 2 to 5 hours per week on recurring tasks. This could include optimizing every image being uploaded, running security scans, validating NGINX configuration when making a change, checking if modules and plugins in use are up to date, checking the resources and keeping an eye out for unwanted bots. They’re all tasks that don’t add any new functionality, and these hours are often harder to invoice back to the customer. Plus, they’re not even any fun! Our philosophy is to automate these jobs as far as possible, saving developers time and making their work more enjoyable – not to mention preventing mistakes.

Save time on moving and onboarding – When moving Magento online stores to the Hypernode platform, we aim to take as much work out of the developer’s hands as possible. We automatically import a copy of the store and place this on a Hypernode; the developer only needs to supply the credentials over a high-security connection that we provide. Once imported, an automatic benchmark will run against both the current environment and the Hypernode environment to be handed over to the client. Once the client is satisfied, all that’s needed to make the store live is to move the DNS records over. If desired, we can even carry out optimizations and/or produce a targeted security and performance report that a developer can get started with right away.

We also automate our own work – We also automate as much of our own work as we can. This ensures we can keep human error to a minimum, and it prevents unnecessarily long response times. It’s also why we work with self-healing servers; if one node needs a reboot owing to a fatal error, this will be triggered automatically. The fact that no human interaction is needed saves minutes of response time. Oh yes, and automation also makes sure we can put more time into developing the platform further.

Getting curious?

Besides the fact that Hypernode saves your developers heaps of time in their daily work, it also manages to deliver ultimate performance and security. And not unimportant: we offer flexible contracts, no set up fees, and we have global presence. If you like to know more about our Magento cloud platform, please reach out to us. We’ll be happy to discuss the possibilities.

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