Hypernode Magento support

Reliable web hosting is a critical part of building and maintaining a good website. Visitors want to have access to every part of your website at any time of the day or night. Therefore, the technical management of your site should always be in the best possible hands. An important, but sometimes overlooked aspect of web hosting is support. In this article, we will show you why and how Hypernode stands out from the general hosting crowd when it comes to delivering fast and expert-driven support.

Why a good customer service is key in the hosting industry

Hosting is more than just delivering the technical goods. To stand out from the rest, a good customer service is indispensable. This means that a hosting company should be able to answer every type of technical question and must possess the ability to deal with problems in a quick and effective fashion. Remember, time is money when you do business online. When a problem fails to be resolved, every extra minute that goes by is a potential financial loss on the customer’s behalf.

Always reachable and fast response times

1. Reachable 24/7/365

Fast response times are an integral part of good customer service when it comes to web hosting. For emergencies, you can reach us 24/7 throughout the year. This service also includes weekends and holidays.

2. Urgent issues require fast solutions

We know that an urgent issue or problem requires an immediate solution, today instead of tomorrow. This gives the client the opportunity to move on directly and conduct business as usual without losing money, clients or website visitors. Keeping response times as low as possible is therefore one of our key objectives. This applies to all our customers, and is not dependent on the object identification number of a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

3. Fixes, tickets and answering calls

95 percent of the calls to our support line are answered within a timeframe of 30 seconds. The first time fix for first-tier customers is 1 to 1.5 ticket, which means that the answer to your question is provided within the timeframe of 1-1.5 ticket. After receiving the answer, the ticket can be closed. First time fixes for technical challenges require 1.5 to 3 tickets. On average, it takes about 4 hours for one of our experts to start working on a (not critical of course) ticket.

Experience and knowledge of Magento

4. Experience and expertise

We possess years of experience when it comes to hosting support for Magento stores. This means that our processes are fine-tuned to the highest degree. Besides that, our well-trained support engineers are all equipped with tons of knowledge in the fields of general hosting and Magento.

5. One stop solution

We have a first-class support team that can answer any question on Magento hosting. This includes highly technical questions, which is pretty unique for a hosting provider. We believe that every support engineer should have the ability to deal with a broad range of issues. This prevents customers from being sent back and forth without receiving the right information instantly. Does a certain issue turn out to be a huge technical challenge? Don’t worry, our technical support engineers love solving complicated issues. It is their core business and passion.

We also understand that it is often hard to assess for customers what specific information a support engineer needs to solve a certain problem. Because every customer is free to call us at any given moment, answers and customized solutions are provided in short notice.

6. Uncovering hidden structures

With 18 years of experience under the belt, we have learned to listen to the needs that hide behind a certain question. In reality, the solution for a specific problem often goes beyond the range of the question posed. Compare it to an iceberg. You can easily see the part that sticks out of the water, but not the huge structure that lurks below the surface. We consider it our task to look a little bit further and track the underlying problem. This mode of operation often allows you to avoid problems before they even become noticeble.

People will help you, not machines

7. One-on-one approach

When you call our support desk, there will always be a real person on the other side of the line instead of an automated menu. We prefer a one-on-one approach. This means that, where possible, your question will be answered by one specific person. A beneficial mode of operation for both sides, since you only have to pose your question once and we can immediately start searching for a solution to your problem.

8. Small company, good communication lines

We are a relatively small company. Therefore, the communication between support and our technical department is excellent. Is there something wrong with the Magento platform? Every support engineer within our organization will know this. The same applies to problems that involve specific nodes. It won’t take one of our support engineers more than 5 minutes to get to the bottom of things and give you a proactive call.

9. We value a personal approach

Personal relationships are a business aspect that we hold in very high regard. Throughout the years, several long-term business relations with customers and agencies have taken the shape of close friendships. Successes, on the business side of things as well as on the personal front, are celebrated together. This also means that we value an informal working climate, especially given the complex nature of many problems that we encounter. By keeping things personal and using understandable language, getting to the core of a problem becomes a lot easier. The aforementioned approach also eases up communication.

10. Transparency, sincerity and honesty

Like no other we believe in the strength of transparency and sincerity. We never make promises that we can’t keep. And if the fault is our own (yes, we make mistakes every once in a while too), we will readily admit that.


A high level of experience, expertise and customer loyalty, short communication lines, immediate responses to important questions or matters and a personal approach (based on trust and honesty) are the main assets that distinguish Hypernode from many other hosting companies.

So if you have a question or problem regarding Magento or general web hosting, don’t hesitate to contact us.