This week we are proud to announce a new development agency which has been added to the list of Hypernode Certified Agencies. We present: Proud Nerds, located in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Therefore the list of the Magento certified now counts a total of 22 agencies. These agencies have proven to be the best Magento agencies within the Netherlands and Belgium.

Proud Nerds is a digital agency with a special department for e-commerce. They are experts on the latest developments for Magento, applications, PHP, tools, user experience, user interface design, configurators, etc. Last March they asked us to be considered to be a Hypernode Certified Agency, as they felt ready for it. After the comprehensive audit, we were deeply impressed by the standards and processes which result in great quality of work. They passed with flying colors.

What is this Hypernode certification?

The Hypernode certification is the first of its kind that can be reached on agency level. Magento itself distributes certificates that only measure the quality of one specific person. Therefore the Hypernode certification is the only certificate in the world that assesses the development processes and endresult (fast & safe shops) of the whole agency.

To obtain the certificate, the agencies have to pass a strict audit. Great results on the following specifications are required: performance, security, Magento knowledge, processes for development and quality. Version control, processes for maintenance, code quality, proactive hack prevention and -detection, deployment and 24/7 support are just some examples of the checks done during the audit.

Pim Hofman from Proud Nerds: “As technical partner of big online shops, we are aware of our great responsibility as we manage such a key business unit for our customers. The Hypernode certificate can reassure our customers that we at Proud Nerds deliver work of high quality.”

Once certified the agencies remain monitored by Hypernode. Therefore the program reassures a continuous quality standard.

The 22 Hypernode Certified Agencies

The development agencies already certified before Proud Nerds are: 42Functions, Aan Zee, Abovo Media, Bold Commerce, Cream, EcomWise, Elgentos, El Niño, Experius, FRMWRK, Gerrits E-commerce, Guapa, Happy Online, Indie Group, Lab51, Mooore Digital, MediaCT, PHPro, Tickles, TIG en Wezz e-commerce.

Is your agency qualified enough to be a Hypernode Certified Agency?

Sign up for the next audit and you might receive your certificate! You can sign yourself up by sending an email to certification@hypernode.com with the following information:

  • Contact details of your agency (name, mailadres and phone number)
  • Your Hypernode customer number

You will then receive an application form including all audit requirements and the guidelines. Make sure to free up some time with a developer for this. Your application is complete when we have received this form in return.

Do you want to read more about the certification, the requirements or the process of the audit? Click here.