Hosting Solutions Explained

When building a Magento shop, you face many different challenges. Finding the perfect hosting partner that matches your expectations can be quite a challenge as well! After all, hosting shouldn’t be something you want to worry about. In this blogpost we follow Kamal Uppal, owner of Altimus based in the United Arab Emirates. Kamal: “Building and maintaining a web shop on cloud servers requires technical skills most small and medium sized businesses do not have in-house or can’t afford.” He started looking for a hosting partner and in this blogpost we follow his decision making process.

Hosting solutions explained

In the process of selecting the right hosting partner, Kamal was in doubt about what hosting solution was most suitable for him. Because there are so many varieties with their own advantages and disadvantages, it can be difficult to find the right type of hosting. Let’s compare.

Shared hosting vs. dedicated hosting vs. VPS hosting

  • If you choose for shared hosting, you share the web server with others. The full capacity of the server is thus spread over multiple accounts. This type of hosting is the cheapest, but has as a major disadvantage that you have to share your resources with other shops. 
  • If you choose for dedicated hosting, your web shop is on a server solely for you. This means all computing power, disk space and memory is only available for you and can’t be used by others. 
  • If you choose for VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, you get a mixture between shared and dedicated hosting. You share the server with others but each VPS has its own amount of reserved resources that only you can use. This means you aren’t bothered by other shops when it comes to security and server load.

Unmanaged vs. managed hosting

Hosting consists of different components. The most basic component is the server hardware itself. The server has an operating system installed and various kinds of software used for running web shops. In addition, hosting companies may offer various services such as automated backups, malware scanning, monitoring, security fixes and more. If this is the case, then the hosting plan is managed. If the hosting plan involves no (or very few) additional services, the hosting is unmanaged.

The Hypernode platform

Like a dedicated server, Hypernode offers you an isolated hosting environment. The hardware and its maintenance is managed by our cloud suppliers Combell OpenStack, DigitalOcean and Amazon (AWS) who are experts in their field. This allows us to focus on the further development of the Hypernode software layer. This layer ensures that the shop is fully optimized and performs as good as possible.

Why Kamal chose Hypernode

E-commerce Specialist

Kamal: ‘’Hypernode truly is an e-commerce hosting specialist.” 

E-commerce solutions are often heavy applications that demand a lot of resources from the server. In order for a web shop to perform, both the shop and the server must be optimized. The Hypernode platform offers more than 200 optimizations and a variety of useful tools for developers. To ensure the highest possible stability, the Hypernode experts monitor your node 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If something threatens the stability of the Hypernode, an engineer stands ready to intervene.

Security and back-ups

Kamal: “The security and back-up features of Hypernode are automated. If disaster strikes, you’ll find yourself back online very quickly with minimal loss and with minor effort.”

Online shops are often the target of hackers who like to abuse (payment) information of customers. A hacked web shop causes reputational damage, something you absolutely want to avoid. As a shop owner you can prevent a hack by using strong admin passwords and updating Magento (with all extensions and modules) on time, Hypernode also helps to keep your shops safe.

  • The Hypernode servers are located in a highly secured, fire-safe data centers and are continuously maintained.
  • Hypernode is in close contact with the Magento and Shopware community. Therefore we often know about security issues before they are announced worldwide. This gives us the opportunity to protect all shops on our platform very quickly with an ’emergency fix’.
  • Hypernode offers brute force protection. Attacks on your shop are automatically rejected.
  • If a shop on our platform is hacked, this has no consequences for other shops because every shop has its own isolated Hypernode.

Focus on core business

Kamal: ‘’If you want to earn back your time to focus on your main business and not worry about hosting your web shop, then there is no better option than Hypernode. Magento 1 and Magento 2 have very unique challenges. They themselves are challenging enough 🙂 ‘’