Sustainable hosting

Companies have been shifting their focus towards more Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to create a better world together. A great development in our eyes. Our customers have started to ask us more often about the sustainability of our hosting as well. The answer: we have been focused on CSR for years already and offer sustainable hosting. We act according to the P-3 Principal: focus on financial sustainability (profit), while highly respecting our environment and those in it (people), and taking into account our ecological footprint (planet). We would love to explain more about our efforts towards a better planet.

Green hosting

The Hypernode hosting platform is based on 3 cloud providers. The Grow and Professional plans are standard booted at Combell OpenStack. However, if the visitors of your shop are mainly located outside of Europe, you can choose for DigitalOcean instead. Find a case example of that here. Our Excellence plans are booted at cloud provider Amazon (AWS). All our cloud providers are aware of their ecological footprint and act upon it.

Combell OpenStack

Combell OpenStack delivers 100% green hosting. You can easily check this yourself by visiting The Green Web Foundation website. Combell OpenStack is located in the datacenter of Interxion. You can read more about Interxion’s vision on sustainability on their website.


DigitalOcean has 8 data centers all over the world for optimal coverage. Unfortunately they do not offer any information on sustainability themselves, as it differs per location. We found out that a few datacenters fully run on green energy, others partly run on it and for others there is no information available. For the most recent information per datacenter, you can visit the DigitalOcean Community website.

Amazon (AWS)

Amazon is aiming to run on 100% sustainable energy soon. They spend a lot of their resources, such as time and money, to build wind- and solar parks. When ordering an Excellence plan on Hypernode, you will automatically be booted in their datacenter in Frankfurt. This datacenter fully runs on sustainable energy. Find more information on their website.

Charity organisations

We care about organisations who focus on positively changing the world. Therefore we have sponsorships for webshops of charity organisations with an official status. Within our team we also promote charity work with the initiative ‘the Good Job Holiday’. The initiative allows Hypernode workers to earn extra paid leave when they use their days off for charity work.

The office

Having a positive impact on our surroundings starts with us. Therefore we try to be as sustainable as possible around and in the office ourselves as well. Groceries are delivered in bulk by a big supermarket who delivers driving fully electric. We make our lunch ourselves in order to reduce food waste as much as possible. Of course, we separate our garbage, even our plastic. Printing is possible, but we prefer to do everything behind our computer. (Real nerds ;))

Our team comes to the office by foot, with the bike or with public transportation. If we need a car, to visit a customer for example, we make use of Greenwheels, a car sharing service.

We are open for improvement!

We are not complete dummies when talking about Corporate Social Responsibility, but there is always room for improvement. If you have a good idea for our organization to become more sustainable, please let us know!