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4 Reasons to manage your product data with Akeneo

Structure, enrich and distribute all your products from one system.

Prevent errors

Is all your product data spreaded around your back end, separate Excel sheets and maybe even an ERP-system? Let Akeneo be ‘the single version of truth’ and prevent errors.

Save yourself a lot of time

Managing your product data from just one single PIM system is very time efficient. It will give you more time to spend on great sales campagnes, or just a good cup of coffee.

Reduce load on your live store drastically

Reduce the load on your live online store, by moving product related activities from the Magento or Shopware backend to Akeneo. The less load, the better performance.

Easy to connect with Magento and Shopware

Made any adjustments to the product data in Akeneo? Then it will be automatically synchronized with the data in Magento or Shopware.

Why Akeneo specialist Experius chooses Hypernode Akeneo hosting


“Akeneo helps our clients focussing on managing their product data. We choose to host their Akeneo installations on Hypernode because they provide a great server stack. It lets us focus on the optimizing the Akeneo integration in stead of worrying about Akeneo hosting.” [Read more]

Lewis Voncken

Tech Lead Backend at Experius

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"One simply cannot go wrong. If you run Magento, there is nothing to think about and no better option. Go for Hypernode."

Kamal Uppal

Founder of Magento shop, Dubai

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Peter Jaap Blaakmeer

Founder & CTO

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Project Manager

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