Agency program

Hypernode has been created with agencies in mind. Our close contact with over 100 web agencies keeps us up to speed on the practices in Magento and Shopware development that result in an efficient, secure and reliable operation.

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We value you as a real partner

Over 100 Magento and Shopware agencies are passionate about what we do, simply because we care about them.

We help you sell more

We provide benchmarks, managed migrations and security and performance reports. And we never hesitate to introduce you to the perfect lead.

Recurring commission

We offer progressive recurring commission for agencies: more the clients, higher the revenue.

Collaborative development

We maintain close contact with you to ensure Hypernode is evolving in the way you want and expect it to.

Hypernode: the result of collaborate development

Provide feedback and we'll shape the roadmap in tandem with you. We work continuously on tools and features to ensure you benefit from best efficiency and performance practices.

Dedicated account manager

Your dedicated account manager, together with 15 devoted support engineers, ensures your client happiness at Hypernode. Don't be surprised if you find yourself inviting them all to dinner to thank them.

Timesavers for your dev team

Don't squander unbillable time on grunt work. We offer automated services such as image optimization, malware scanning and checking for outdated software.

Everything you need for OTAP

Develop locally with Docker or use our staging environments and/or development Hypernodes for testing and acceptation.

Make your work visible to your clients

Make the performance improvements you’re working on visible with tools such as New Relic, Blackfire, MageReport Premium and benchmarks.

Extensive security measures

As well as managing your infrastructure entirely, we lift a great deal of the security weight from your developer’s hands. This includes blocking unwanted bots, protection against brute force attacks and threats and checking for vulnerabilities in extensions.

Management made easy

We’ve made it easy for your account managers to monitor your clients by listing all of them under one account. Settings including PHP are simple to manage in your control panel. You can also see at a glance on your MageReport dashboard which shops require attention due to security issues, a disk that is too full or inefficient settings in Magento.

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"One simply cannot go wrong. If you run Magento, there is nothing to think about and no better option. Go for Hypernode."

Kamal Uppal


"Hypernode is a stable and trustworthy cloud hosting platform."

Peter Jaap Blaakmeer

Founder & CTO

"The fact that you pay Hypernode on a daily basis is a huge advantage."

Piet Santy

Project manager

"Hypernode is very well thought out and the support team is friendly and very capable."

Tjitte Folkertsma

Co-founder & COO

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