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We are the MageReport founders, the market leader of Magento hosting in the Netherlands and Magento & Shopware Technology Partner.

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We're on a mission

We're on a mission to diversify e-commerce by providing webshops (small and big) a managed cloud platform built to fulfil their ambitions.


At Hypernode what you see is what you get. Clarity with no hidden fees and a true focus on technology, backed by a genuine interest in you.


Innovation lies at the very heart of what we do; it informs every decision we make.


We are convinced great technology is built by real humans, which is why we believe in investing in talent and in our clients.

Real Magento pro's

Ecommerce is in our DNA and we continuously work at improving our platform.

Cutting edge

We seek to be groundbreaking and are never afraid of thinking outside the box whenever an innovative solution is called for.


We're passionate about technology, matched only by our passion to see your business grow.

Don't just take our word for it

Trust our more than 2,000 satisfied clients, from small to extremely large

96% customer happiness

Market leader in The Netherlands


Magento Technology Partner

We were the first and only hosting provider in the Benelux awarded Magento Technology Partner status. We owe this honor to our progressive Hypernode platform, as well as our contribution to the community with the free MageReport.com security tool.

"Magento chose Hypernode as a Select Technology Partner because of their proven track record in driving innovation for the industry. Hypernode has been a significant player in ensuring the security of our Magento ecosystem, and we are pleased to have them on board."

Travis Eiland

Travis Eiland, Commerce Strategy & Business Development at Adobe

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This is why we have fans everywhere

“We benefit from preinstalled tools, cutting edge technologies and optimized configs.”

Robin van Raan

Technology manager

"Hypernode is a stable and trustworthy cloud hosting platform."

Peter Jaap Blaakmeer

Founder & CTO

"The fact that you pay Hypernode on a daily basis is a huge advantage."

Piet Santy

Project manager

"Hypernode is very well thought out and the support team is friendly and very capable."

Tjitte Folkertsma

Co-founder & COO

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